8 Signs you’re in a mature relationship, finally!

5. You are connected on all levels

You feel comfortable with each other, emotionally, mentally, and physically. You are completely in sync. It’s not that you are perfect individuals, but you feel like together you are perfect, balancing each other out. You know each other and feel connected to your partner. The relationship adds value to your life.

6. There is NO jealousy

The level of trust that you have for each other leaves no room for any jealousy, you both can have friends of the opposite gender without turning your partner into a psychotic stalker. Jealousy arises when you feel insecure in your relationship, but in a mature relationship you know that your partner will never be dishonest with you, you have a strong committed relationship. You guys realize that jealousy is a wasted emotion, so you don’t give each other any reasons to have any doubts.

7. You don’t feel the need to change your partner

You love them for who they are, even all their imperfections. Besides their little annoying habits like not keeping their plate in the sink or leaving socks on the floor etc, you don’t feel the need to bring any changes in your partner’s personality. And it’s not because you’re settling for them, but it’s because this is the person you fell in love with, there are acceptance and content.

8. Your relationship generally feels easy

This is the biggest sign that you are in a mature relationship, it is free from drama. A relationship should enhance your life instead of feeling like a difficult task, you shouldn’t have to ‘deal’ with it. A stable relationship makes everything easy, you are in rhythm with your partner. Constant feelings of anger, anxiety, insecurity, and other similar negative emotions are never a part of a sensible relationship.

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