8 Signs You’re No Longer In The Honeymoon Phase And How To Fix It

Are you out of the honeymoon phase?

There are very few other experiences that are able to replicate the emotional bliss that comes with being in a young romance. It’s almost unexplainable and inconceivable really; the feeling of falling in love with someone who is also just starting to fall in love with you. It’s addictive; a feeling that you can’t seem nor want to shake. You can’t see anything going wrong in your relationship because of how fresh it is. You haven’t seen the bad sides of your partner yet because it’s too early. You haven’t experienced the challenges in a relationship that so many others have warned you about. You don’t get what they mean when they say that relationships are difficult because for now, nothing could be easier for you.

But then, the longer that you stay together, you start to discover that they were right. The challenges are slowly starting to present themselves to you and you are trying your best to maintain control of the situation but then the problems just become a little too overwhelming over time.

This is what it means when people tell you that your honeymoon phase is over. This is when they say that your state of perpetual bliss is lost forever and you have to start getting your hands dirty to make sure that your relationship is going to last. Don’t believe them. Your honeymoon phase isn’t lost forever. You can still have problems and challenges in the relationship while still being able to maintain your honeymoon phase. You can still attain a state of eternal bliss with one another so as long as you approach your love in the right way.

So if you feel like your relationship is in a state of trouble, you don’t have to panic just yet. Remember that so as long as you’re both still willing to, there is a way to salvage any difficult situation in the relationship. And it would probably be best to address your problems in their early stages. It would be more difficult to solve them if you let them draw out. So part of being able to maintain a smooth sail in your relationship is to always stay vigilant. You have to be able to spot some possible signs of dysfunction in the relationship and address them right away. To help give you a better perspective of what these signs look like, and how you can choose to approach them, just read on until the end of this article.

1. You consider communication to be a chore in the relationship.

You can fix this by making a conscious effort to actually establish healthy lines of communication with each other. Make it a habit to always be open and honest to one another about absolutely anything under the sun.

2. You’ve let the opinions of others affect how you run your relationship.

You can fix this by just learning to tune other people out. Remember that the problems in your relationship are only for you and your partner to deal with. It should be nobody else’s business. It’s nice to get some advice every now and then, but the final decision still rests on you.

3. You have stopped making an effort to seduce each other.

You can fix this by realizing that physical and emotional attraction is always something that you constantly need to work on. Just because you’re in a relationship already doesn’t mean that your days of courtship are over. Don’t be afraid to make romantic advances every so often.

4. You no longer engage in random acts of physical intimacy.

You can fix this by understanding that physical intimacy is key in maintain passion in the relationship. And these physical displays don’t always have to be so grand. Even simple hugs, kisses, and handholds will be enough to really keep that flame alive.

5. You stop taking care of your individual selves.

You can fix this by remembering that just because you’re in a relationship doesn’t mean you get to forget about your sense of self. Take care of yourself and make sure that you’re happy to ensure a happy relationship.

6. You don’t pursue your personal dreams and goals anymore.

You can fix this by keeping in mind that your relationship shouldn’t serve as a hurdle for you to achieve your dreams. The pursuit of the life that you want for yourself and being in a relationship need not be mutually exclusive.

7. You find your patience for one another wearing thin.

You can fix this by reminding yourself that you are both only human and that you are both still prone to making mistakes. You have to understand that both of you are imperfect and that you need to be patient with one another at all times.

8. You don’t include each other in planning and decision-making anymore.

You can fix this by ensuring that your partner is always kept in the loop about your life. Understand that since you are in a relationship, your time is no longer entirely just your own. You have to be willing to share both your lives with one another.

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