8 Subtle Signs That He’s Starting To Lose Interest In The Relationship

Not a lot of people might be so willing to admit it, but when relationships end, they rarely ever do so on a whim. A breakup isn’t just a decision that is made on the spot. Two people splitting apart isn’t something that just happens instantaneously.

Two people can grow apart very subtly and very gradually – sometimes the distancing of two individuals can be so slow and discreet that it can go unnoticed. And then suddenly it dawns on one or both people in the relationship that things just aren’t the way that they used to be – and then the relationship is faced with some kind of existential crisis.

That’s why you always need to stay on top of your relationship so that you don’t get blindsided by anything. You never want to be surprised by a breakup proposal. That’s just the worst kind. It’s like you get slapped in the face but it all happens so suddenly that you don’t exactly know how to react or what to do. If there is an impending breakup in the relationship, it’s always best if you are able to anticipate it. It’s always better that you are able to see the signs early on. And this is beneficial for two reasons. For one, if you know that both of you are kind of drifting apart,

it gives you a chance to really work on the problems of your relationship so that you can get closer to one another again. A lot of times, problems will go unnoticed until it’s too late; until they become unfixable. Another benefit of being able to anticipate a breakup is that you are able to brace yourself for the pain that is to come. Sure, you might not have a chance at saving your relationship anymore; but at least you are able to emotionally prepare yourself for the heartbreak that awaits you in the end.

So always make it a point to stay vigilant. Be always mindful and aware of the things that are going on in your relationship. If you remain absent-minded, then you are likely to be headed for a breakup that you will definitely not be prepared for. Keep an eye out for these subtle signs in the relationship. They can be really easy to miss especially if you’re not consciously seeking them out. If you notice that a lot of these signs apply to your boyfriend, then you have some serious work to do.

1. He releases a kind of negative energy whenever you’re together.

He’s always down. He’s always tired. He’s no longer enthusiastic about the relationship that you have; and you know that there’s something wrong with that picture.

2. He spends more time with his friends away from you.

He doesn’t enjoy spending time with you anymore to the point that he would much rather hang out with other people. To think, he would much rather be with his buddies than the girl he’s supposedly in a loving relationship with.

3. He doesn’t engage in conversations with you as much anymore.

He doesn’t text you first. He gives short one-word answers. He doesn’t make an effort to prolong conversations. All of your efforts to try to connect are lost on him.

4. He no longer asks you questions about your life.

He doesn’t express an avid interest in your life anymore. He doesn’t really care about how your day is going or how you’re feeling at any given moment. He’s not so invested in your life and that’s why he hasn’t been asking too many questions anymore.

5. He doesn’t say sorry when he screws up anymore.

He’s beyond caring about what you might think about him. He’s no longer investing himself in how you see him as a man. He doesn’t think that apologies are necessary anymore because he no longer cares about your opinion of him.

6. He doesn’t talk about the future with you.

The truth is that in his mind, the future is incredibly hazy. He doesn’t know if there even is a future that the two of you should be talking about. At this point, he would much rather just take each day as it comes.

7. He no longer runs errands for you without you asking.

He isn’t thoughtful anymore. He doesn’t care so much about making your life as easy as possible. In the past, he used to always want to do things for you. But nowadays, it’s like you’re complete strangers. And he doesn’t really care about the quality of your life.

8. He walks away from arguments with you.

He doesn’t care about resolving arguments with you any longer. He doesn’t want to come to a compromise. He doesn’t want to meet you halfway. He’s not interested in fixing things with you anymore. He would rather just walk away from an argument than hear about what you have to say.

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