8 Sudden Changes Your Partner Makes That Could Mean They’re Being Unfaithful

Are they being unfaithful?

You know that trust is going to be important in any kind of healthy relationship between two mature individuals. So it may be counterproductive to always be acting on the defensive. You don’t want to constantly be in a Sherlock Holmes type of mindset with your partner. You can’t constantly be sniffing around for clues that your partner is just screwing around with you because that just takes away from the loving sensation of being in a relationship as a whole.

But still, the fact remains that in certain situations, there will sometimes be a cause for concern. There will be moments in a relationship wherein you really need to just come clean with your partner about your apprehensions and your feelings of mistrust. You have to open up to them about the things that are bothering you in the relationship if you ever want a shot at making things better for yourselves in the long run.

There may be certain personality shifts or lifestyle changes that your partner makes which could potentially trigger the suspicion within you. These changes are significant and they aren’t simple things that you can just choose to ignore. These changes can be especially disconcerting when you know that your partner has had a history of being unfaithful in relationships. Your instincts are telling you that something isn’t right here and you don’t want to turn a blind eye to your gut. There are certain lifestyle changes a person could make which can potentially indicate the likelihood of unfaithfulness and cheating.

However, you must practice restraint. While there is cause for worry, there’s no point in you just automatically assuming that your worries are right because the signs are there. You still have to be sensitive and approach the issue carefully. You can’t be rash or reckless; you will risk losing your partner and your love completely for an issue that might have been nonexistent in the first place.

The best way to deal with these prominent changes your partner is going through would be to ask if you can participate in them. If they let you join in and they open up to you, then that’s a sign that they probably aren’t being unfaithful to you and that their changes are purely innocent. But when they start being combative and defensive about these changes, then you have a genuine cause for concern. Here are some prominent lifestyle changes your partner makes which could indicate unfaithfulness.

1. They’ve started becoming more active in the gym.

If they’re going to the gym purely because they’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle, then that’s a good thing. But it could also mean that they’re wanting to chisel their bodies into something that’s more presentable in an effort to attract third-party mates.

2. They’ve developed better grooming habits.

Same as the reason mentioned in the entry previous to this. They want to make themselves more presentable to someone else and so they start to groom themselves better. New clothes and new hairstyles could be a potentially bad sign.

3. They’ve started dabbling into new peculiar hobbies.

They start taking up hobbies that would traditionally be out of character for them. But it could also mean that these are hobbies that they share with their third-party relationships and you’re the one who is just totally out of the loop in this scenario.

4. They’ve been waking up earlier than usual.

They want to be able to do some things without you knowing and sometimes, that means having to work around your sleeping schedule. If they want to sneak in that morning phone call to someone else without you noticing, they are going to have to wake up a lot earlier than normal.

5. They’ve begun to request more time to be alone.

They don’t like spending too much time with you anymore because they just want to be doing their own thing. And sometimes their own thing means actually being with someone else.

6. They’ve become more discreet and secretive.

A reluctance to open up and be honest with you about any number of things could also mean an emotional disconnection within the relationship. They don’t really trust you anymore and perhaps it’s because they’re also giving you an excuse not to trust them.

7. They’ve changed their sexual drive substantially.

A drastic change in their sexual drive could mean that something is up. The change could mean they want much more or much less sex than what you usually have. And this change isn’t coming out of nowhere. It’s coming from some place and you need to find out where.

8. They’ve been making you feel more and more excluded.

They want to exclude you from their lives because they don’t want you to piece the puzzle together. They don’t want you to eventually find all the clues that they’ve so desperately been trying to cover up.

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