8 Surprising Ways Guys Test You In The Early Stages Of A Relationship

If you’re noticing that your boyfriend is playing mind games, he might actually be doing so. Some guys use subtle methods to see if you’ll stand up for yourself or if you’ll make them put in effort to earn your love. Here are ten surprising ways guys test the kind of partner you’ll be. It’s immature and quite irritating, but it’s more common than you might realize.

1. The “let’s chill” tactic 

At the start of a relationship, some guys might use the “let’s chill” approach to assess your level of interest. They could appear laid-back about making plans, observing whether you’ll take charge or display enthusiasm. This helps them determine if you’re keen on spending time together.

2. Leaving You on Read

If a guy leaves your messages on read, it could be a way of testing your patience and level of interest. They’re curious to know if you’ll double text or become upset. This action might not always mean disinterest; it could simply be a test to see how you react.

3. Playing Hot and Cold

Some guys alternate between being super attentive and then distant. This behavior tests how you’ll respond to different emotional states. It might seem confusing, but they’re trying to understand if you’ll stick around during good and challenging times.

4. The Check Debate

When the bill arrives, some guys might subtly observe if you offer to split it or expect them to pay. This scenario helps them understand your attitude towards finances and equality in the relationship.

5. Questioning your loyalty

You may find him checking your social media or looking at your phone when it rings, wanting to know who’s calling. He’s seeking loyalty and someone who’s committed to him entirely. He won’t fully invest in the relationship until he’s sure you’re focused on just him. If you have a lot of people showing interest in you online, it could make him less interested.

6. Making last-minute plans

Occasional surprise dates can be enjoyable, but if your boyfriend frequently presents last-minute plans, he might be testing your availability. If you’re always free right away, he could start to think you don’t have other activities in your life. To balance this, stay engaged with your own plans and don’t always agree to spontaneous outings. This shows him that you have your own interests, which many guys find appealing.

7. The late-night call

This is a major way guys test you in the beginning. They might not only invite you to hang out in the evening but also try calling you late at night for something intimate. Saying yes to this can lead to a casual relationship. Silencing your phone after 10 p.m. can stop this approach. Your boyfriend will understand that if he wants meaningful time with you, it should be during regular hours.

8. Negging

Sometimes, your boyfriend might try to manipulate your feelings by giving you not-so-nice compliments. This can hurt your self-confidence over time. It’s called “negging.” For example, he might say, “Your shirt is nice, but red doesn’t look good on you.” If you see this happening, it’s a warning sign. If you think he’s mostly good but does this, talk to him about it. Let him know you won’t tolerate this kind of behavior.

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