8 Telltale Signs You Were Raised by an Emotionally Abusive Mother

You might not realize it, but sometimes a mom or a parent can be emotionally abusive without you knowing. This kind of abuse can really hurt how a kid grows up and feels about themselves. It can also cause problems that stick around for a very long time, even when you become an adult.

Here are some signs that your mom might have been emotionally abusive when you were growing up.

1. They use guilt trips to manipulate you into doing things they want

If your mother is emotionally abusive, she might use your feelings of guilt to make you do what she wants. She could say things like, “I’ve done so much for you, and you can’t do this one thing for me?” This kind of trick can stop you from feeling confident on your own and making your own choices.

2. They make fun of your appearance or weight in front of others

When your mom makes fun of how you look or how much you weigh in front of others, it can really hurt your self-belief. Her mean words, like saying, “You shouldn’t wear that, it makes you look fatter,” can make you feel bad about your body and make you anxious around people. This can make it hard to feel good about yourself.

3. They put down your friends and family members

When someone you care about always finds fault with the people you like, it makes you feel alone and weakens the help you have. If your mom is emotionally hurtful, she might tell you, “Your friends are not good for you,” and this can hurt your relationships and make you need her approval all the time.

4. They are jealous of your achievements and accomplishments

If your mom is emotionally abusive and feels jealous, she might make your achievements seem less important. When you hear things like, “You probably feel superior to us now,” it stops you from getting better and makes a harmful atmosphere that holds you back from reaching your goals.

5. They frequently criticize your behavior and choices

When someone is always telling you that your choices are bad, it can make you start doubting yourself. If your mom is emotionally hurtful, she might say, “You never do anything right,” and this can make you feel less sure of yourself and wonder if you’re making good decisions.

6. They tell you that no one else will love you or care about you

Emotionally abusive mothers may manipulate with fear, saying, “Nobody else will put up with you like I do.” This trick makes you think you can’t have good relationships on your own and that you don’t deserve them. It’s like they want you to rely only on them.

7. They Withhold love and affection

When a mom uses lack of love and care to control you, it hurts your feelings a lot. If she ignores you or acts like she doesn’t care, it can make you feel really bad and will make it hard for you to make good friendships and have happy relationships with others.

8. They made decision for you without consulting you first

When someone makes choices for you without asking, it shows they want to control you. If your mom picks things for you and says, “I know what’s good for you,” it stops you from making your own decisions and growing as a person. It’s like they want to keep you under their control.

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  1. Moved to care for my Dad.. having to deal my sister’s druggie husband.. Mom gave them a pass.. I paid bills and did yard work..ECT .. I had a baby and when I got home they asked what was for dinner

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