8 Texts You’re Sending That Are Ruining Your Relationships

In modern times, relationships often rely on text messages and social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat, which are quite convenient. But no matter how many emoticons we use, they can’t replace face-to-face interactions. That’s why there are certain things you should avoid saying to your partner over text.

Here are eight texting habits that will put off people, and you should avoid doing them.

1. Overloading with Constant Messages

Sending too many constant messages can be a real turn-off. It’s great to show interest, but bombarding your partner with texts all the time can feel overwhelming and make them lose interest in you. Give them some breathing room and be patient with their response; it’s crucial for a good texting relationship.

2. Playing Hard to Get

It’s okay to be a bit mysterious, but playing hard to get might not work well. People like it when you show genuine interest and are honest. So, don’t make them guess too much; show them you’re interested without being too forceful.

3. Sending Unsolicited and Inappropriate Content

Respecting someone’s boundaries and getting their consent is super important in any kind of communication. Sending unsolicited explicit or inappropriate stuff is just not cool at all. It’s disrespectful and can ruin your chances of developing a genuine connection with the other person. So, before hitting that send button, always take a moment to think about whether your message is appropriate and consider how they might feel about it.

4. Using One-Word Replies

Responding with short, one-word answers can make you come across as disinterested or unenthusiastic. Engaging in meaningful conversations and showing genuine interest is essential in providing thoughtful responses that encourage further communication. So, you better not send that ‘K’ and ‘LOL’ after they send you a long paragraph.

5. Overusing Emojis & Abbreviations

Emojis and abbreviations can make your texts fun, but using too many can be confusing. Let your words express your thoughts, and use emojis wisely. Keep it simple and clear to have a meaningful conversation.

6. Being Negative or Complaining

Always complaining or being negative might make the other person think that you’re not fun to be around. Instead, try to focus on the positive and share the good things in your life. Being happy and positive will make your time together more enjoyable and bring you closer. Remember, positivity is vital in a healthy relationship.

7. Talking About the Future Too Soon

Talking about marriage, kids, or moving in together too soon can make them feel overwhelmed and may push them away. Let your relationship grow naturally without rushing things or adding unnecessary pressure on them about the future. Enjoy the present moments and let things go with the flow.

8. Neglecting Spelling and Grammar

Although texting feels informal, spelling and grammar still matter a lot. Bad grammar and spelling can leave a not-so-great impression on the other person, especially if they are big on slangs and short words. So, take a little extra time to proofread your messages before hitting that send button. It leaves a good impression, and the receiver takes you more seriously.

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