8 Things A Strong Woman Never Tolerates In A Relationship

First of all, congratulations are in order. If you have found yourself a strong and independent woman, then you should consider yourself lucky. It’s not every day that you would find yourself someone as amazing and as impressive as she is. And more than that, it’s even rarer for a strong girl also to develop an interest in a guy. That’s why it’s essential for you always to stay grateful for the treasure that has just landed on your lap. And part of being grateful means knowing not to take this woman for granted.

Of course, when you develop a certain level of comfort with a woman, there is a good chance that you will end up taking her for granted. And when you take her for granted, you might end up mistreating her. This is the absolute most significant mistake that you could make. After all, a strong and independent woman like herself would never be afraid of leaving you. If she sees that you aren’t treating her well, then you might as well just bid her goodbye.

Be very mindful of your actions when you’re in a relationship with her. Here are a few things that she is never going to tolerate in a romantic relationship:

1. You try to control her.

A strong and independent woman can’t be controlled. Let’s get that straightened out. If you think that you have the power to manipulate and control her, then you have another thing coming. She can see through anyone’s toxic tactics. So, you might as well give up before you even try. She is going to dump you faster than you also realize. She’s not just someone who you can toy around with.

2. You don’t support her goals and dreams.

As a strong and independent woman, she has a lot of goals and dreams. She is as ambitious as can be. This means that she’s always going to go after what she wants. And if you ever serve as added weight or as a roadblock, then she is going to walk away from you. She isn’t afraid of dropping her relationships in favor of her dreams.

3. You lie to her.

Dishonesty and deceit are going to be nonnegotiable in a relationship with her. She is never going to want to attach herself to a man who isn’t going, to be honest with her about something. So, if you think that you can lie to her to get yourself out of trouble, you have another thing coming. She is going to be very good at seeing through a guy’s lies.

4. You give excuses for your bad behavior.

Whenever you do something wrong in a relationship, then you have to own up to it. She isn’t going to put up with a guy who refuses to take responsibility for his actions. If you do something wrong, then be humble and apologize. Instead of giving excuses, start doling out apologies. Otherwise, she is going to drop you.

5. You don’t communicate your feelings to her.

She is never going to want to get into a relationship with a mute. Of course, if you’re going to be with her, then you genuinely have to speak from the heart. This means that you have to be brave enough to tell her exactly how you feel. If you resort to passive-aggressive behavior, then she is going to lose all respect for you.

6. You don’t listen to what she has to say.

Communication is always going to be a crucial aspect of any modern relationship. And that means that you and your woman must still be making a point to communicate with one another. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that communication merely means talking all the time. You also have to be willing to play the role of the listener. If you don’t, then you risk losing her.

7. You fail to respect her.

Of course, as a strong and independent woman, she is always going to hold her dignity to high regard. This means that she isn’t going to be tolerant of any disrespect that you might cast her way. If you want to keep her in your life, you must always treat her with respect. It’s truly as simple as that. After all, every human being is worthy of being treated with respect.

8. You broach or violate her boundaries.

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When she sets boundaries in the relationship, then you need to make sure that you respect them. As a strong woman, she is always going to uphold and enforce the boundaries that she sets. And if you consistently violate them, then she isn’t going to put up with that. She is never going to be afraid of leaving a man who can’t respect her wishes.

    1. Only If you are not a strong woman. The best relationship is with two strong people who respect each other’s boundaries. Then there is no one person dominating the relationship. They can complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses making life better for both!!

  1. It’s very sexist you say a woman won’t tolerate . FYI as a man this list of yours are the things I won’t tolerate with women. I’m dealing with it now but the roles are reversed.

    1. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this, I hope you find your happiness. And as a woman I’m offended they think only men possess these negative traits. I’ve seen different genders show all these traits. It’s not a one size fits all situation.

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