8 Things All Guys Don’t Want To Hear From Their Girlfriends

Communication is always going to be very important in a relationship. And any mature guy who is in a relationship with a girl is still going to want to encourage free and open communication. However, that shouldn’t mean that he has to enjoy it.

There are a lot of conversations that a man would absolutely dread when he’s with a woman. Girls and boys tend to speak completely different languages. And it gets difficult whenever a girl isn’t aware of the kind of impact that her words might have on a guy.

If you happen to be in a relationship with a man, then you are going to want to stay mindful of what you say. You never know when the words that you use are going to rub him the wrong way. In general, you have to make yourself aware of the many ways that your words might impact him.

Here are a few things that all guys hate hearing from their girlfriends:

1. You remind me of my dad.

No guy ever wants to have to compete with his girl’s dad. Even if you genuinely think that he resembles your dad a lot, keep it to yourself. No matter how good or how pure your intentions might be, this is not something that he is going to receive all too well.

2. Why can’t you be more like my ex?

Never compare your man to anyone else. That’s a general rule of thumb that you should always stick to in your relationship. But more importantly, never compare your current man to an old love or a past flame. He is never going to respond positively to a remark like that. You have been warned.

3. Do my clothes make me look fat?

He knows that this is a trap. If he says yes, then he’s going to have to deal with the wrath that you give him for calling you fat. If he says no, then you might call him out on being a liar to save you from your feelings. No one wins here.

4. Are you sure that’s the smart thing to do?

Even if you think that he’s completely stupid about a decision that he’s going to make, you need to be more sensitive about letting him know about it. Don’t resort to passive-aggressive remarks such as this one. It’s only going to infuriate him and make him want to do it even more.

5. Be a man!

Why would you attack his manhood like that? If there’s one thing that most guys are going to be deathly protective of, it would be their manhood. Any remark threatens or questions their strength is one that they aren’t going to be too fond of hearing all too often. They would never have to want to put their power up for questioning.

6. Why don’t you go to the gym more?

Uh oh. You might as well have told him that he looks like he ate a hundred Big Macs in a single sitting. If you ask him about his exercise routine (or lack thereof), it might be telling him that you think he’s fat. Even if that’s the case, there is a less passive-aggressive way to let him know what you think about his weight.

7. I feel like I’m getting my period.

He is going to dread hearing this from you. To him, this is just going to be an excuse for you to mistreat him and act irrationally all of a sudden. He is going to be scared shitless whenever you tell him that you’re getting your period.

8. Do you love me?

Sure, you might think that you’re just cute and coy by asking your guy whether he loves you or not. However, if you do it too often, he might end up taking it personally. He’s going to feel like nothing he does will ever be enough to let you know that he’s earnest about the fact that he’s in love with you.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. Granted, communication should always play a massive role in your relationship. And you should still be free to speak about what’s on your mind. However, you should also be sensitive enough to be mindful of your partner’s feelings. You never want to do or say anything that might rub him the wrong way or generate drama in your relationship.

Words have power, and it’s essential that you can recognize the power of what you say. After all, if he truly does love you, your thoughts and opinions are going to matter a lot to him. Try to make an effort to be more sensitive with how you communicate with him.

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