8 Things Guys Wouldn’t Want To Tell You Even Though They Love You

They say that honesty is the best policy. And for the most part, that should really be the case especially in a healthy and happy relationship between two people who love one another. When you are in a strong relationship with another person, you would never want to be deliberately keeping your partner in the dark on important things that concern your relationship. However, that doesn’t have to mean that you should be sharing every single aspect of your life with your partner either. You don’t have to automatically be updating your partner with every single unnecessary detail surrounding your life – and there are a few things that you might want to keep secret just to avoid an unnecessary fight or unwanted drama in the relationship. You shouldn’t be surprised if there are a few things that your partner is keeping from you even if he does love you with all his heart.

Just because he’s keeping a few things from you doesn’t mean that he loves you any less. You don’t have to be worried about that. It’s fine t maintain a little mystery in a relationship. It isn’t detrimental to your relationship in any way. Dishonesty only ever really matters when pertaining to certain issues. And it’s okay to keep a few things from one another especially if the information doesn’t add any value to the relationship. After all, you are both still functioning as individuals and you need to be respectful of each other’s boundaries.

Here are a few things that your man might be keeping from you – and that’s okay.

1. The fact that he just got hit on by a random girl.

It’s not necessarily information that needs to be shared at this point in your relationship. If you are both happy in your love for one another, then any eternal noise just becomes irrelevant. It should only become an issue if the girl who hit on him happens to be a friend of yours who is trying to steal him away from you. Otherwise, if it was just innocent flirtation that he didn’t reciprocate, then you don’t have to worry much.

2. He has encountered a problem at work.

He doesn’t have to share ALL of his professional problems with you. This is especially true if he can solve these problems on his own. He doesn’t want to stress you out with issues that he can resolve by himself.

3. He finds another girl physically attractive.

If you happen to chance upon a picture of Zac Efron or Chris Evans as you’re browsing the internet, wouldn’t you find these men physically attractive? It’s not a problem to him, right? We are all only human. And just because we are in committed and loving relationships doesn’t mean that we cease to appreciate the physical beauty of others. It shouldn’t really be a problem unless he starts acting on his physical attraction. That’s a whole other story.

4. Certain childhood experiences or traumas that he has put behind him.

Sometimes, there are issues that are just far too traumatic that we try to erase them from our minds completely. And if he has moved on from these issues, then he shouldn’t have to be reopening old wounds just for you.

5. His knowledge of some wrongdoings that your friend is guilty of.

He might be catching your friend cheating on her boyfriend. He might know that your friend is getting into some shady business dealings. Or maybe he knows that your friend is talking about another one of your friends behind their back. Regardless, he doesn’t have to share this information with you unless this friend’s actions impact you in particular.

6. His personal fights and disagreements with people in his social circle.

If he has a few arguments or disagreements with his friends and colleagues, then that should be his own business. He really has no reason to share these kinds of things with you especially if he has disagreements with people you don’t even know.

7. His lack of appreciation for a gift or a gesture that you may have done for him.

Sometimes, a little white lie can be good for a relationship. If you get really excited about giving him a gift or performing a gesture for him, he is going to want to show you his genuine appreciation as much as possible. But sometimes, he isn’t going to have the reaction that you want, but he is still going to try his best to hide that from you so as not to disappoint you.

8.  His past weight gain or weight loss issues.

He might have been insecure about how he used to look in the past. He might be ashamed about the fact that he used to be very unhealthy. And he might be brave enough to open up to you about this, but again, it’s not necessary information to disclose. It wouldn’t harm your relationship in any way if he just kept this information to himself.


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  1. He should feel obligated to tell you if he is still in love with his ex wife from 20 years ago. He really should not be looking.

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