8 Things He Does Which Mean That He Takes You For Granted

It just sucks whenever the feelings that you might have for someone you love aren’t being reciprocated or broadcasted back to you. It sucks even more when you’re supposedly in a relationship with one another. You never want to be in a relationship with someone who doesn’t really give you what you’re due. You never want to be in love with someone who is only going to take you for granted. However, it still happens a lot in plenty of relationships.

In fact, you might actually be a victim in your own relationship as well without you even knowing it. Love has a way of doing that to people. It can often blind you to the reality of your situation. It can compromise your rationality. And instead of seeing things the way that you need to be seeing them, you only see what you want to see. But that’s dangerous.

You should never have to put up with a guy who is only going to take you for granted. That’s not how it should be in any kind of loving relationship. That is why if you notice that your man is exhibiting a lot of the following behaviours, it might be best for you to just get out of the relationship entirely:

1. He dismisses your feelings and emotions.

He acts dismissive of your feelings and your emotions. He doesn’t make you feel like you have a voice in the relationship. He never acknowledges the things that you might want to get off your chest.

2. He doesn’t show appreciation for the things that you do in your relationship.

He doesn’t really express his appreciation for you in your relationship. Whenever you do something nice, he doesn’t really react or give you any sense of validation. But when you screw up, he’s so quick to make you feel bad about it. He never really shows gratitude for the value that you add to his life. It’s as if you’re a major inconvenience to him.

3. He believes that his thoughts always trump yours.

He is the kind of guy who thinks that his thoughts and opinions are always going to trump yours. He thinks that his thoughts are always more valuable and so he never really gives you a chance to contradict him. Whenever you try to engage him in a debate, he doesn’t really pay you any mind. He only takes you seriously whenever you agree with him or support him.