8 Things Men Do That Push Strong Women Away

Guys often say they like a woman who has her own thoughts and can speak up for herself when necessary. They claim they want a lady who can do things on her own, has goals, and can look after herself. However, when they actually meet a woman with these qualities, they can feel unsure about how to handle it. Maybe only a certain type of man is genuinely content with a confident woman, while others unintentionally or intentionally do things that push them apart.

1. Needing too much reassurance

A confident woman doesn’t want to spend all her time boosting her guy’s ego. Dealing with someone’s low self-esteem is tiring, so she might not like a guy like that for long. She cares, but she’s not here to be his constant cheerleader.

2. Not being able to control his jealousy issues

A strong woman can be friends with whoever she wants, even guys or old boyfriends. If a guy can’t handle it, she’s okay with being single. She doesn’t want him texting her all the time when she’s out or asking about her messages. He needs to calm down because acting like this will make strong women leave.

3. Trying to control her

If he’s trying to control her from the start, it’s a bad sign. Confident, independent women can quickly see this type of guy and stay away. She won’t let anyone tell her what to do, wear, think, say, or eat. No way, buddy. She’s in charge of her own life.

4. Trying way too hard

    Knowing the difference between trying hard to get her attention and annoying her is key. If she likes you, she’ll let you know, so just relax. She won’t chase a guy who acts distant, but you don’t need to go too far and make it seem like you’re not being real or too desperate.

    5. Emotional manipulation

    Being strong doesn’t mean a woman is emotionless. She’s skilled at managing her feelings and can spot when someone is trying to take advantage of them. She won’t fall for that, having likely faced such situations before and learned from them.

    6. Playing too many games

    This is a clear way to make strong women go away. She’s honest about what she wants. She won’t go along with a guy trying to fool her, because that won’t succeed. Why pretend? Just be truthful, open, and skip the tricky games. It’s really that simple. Show respect for her honesty and be real in your interactions – that’s how you build a strong connection.

    7. Being too needy

    A strong woman has her own things to do and aims to achieve, and she needs time for those. If she really likes a guy, she’ll find time for him, but she won’t accept him holding her back. If he doesn’t have his own life to keep him busy, she won’t stay interested.

    8. Being possessive way too soon

    If he acts like she’s his only around other guys, and they haven’t even said they’re a couple, she’ll probably want to pull away. She won’t let anyone own her, and guys should remember that.

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