8 Things Men Say When They Like You For More Than Just Your Looks

You always want depth when it comes to the attraction in your relationship. You always want to be making sure that the foundation of any potential relationship that you may find yourself in is a strong one; a foundation that wouldn’t waver so easily. But of course, that is easier said than done. A strong foundation for a relationship can always be hard to find – but it’s not totally impossible. You just have to make sure that you are placing your bets in the right people.

Of course, you would always want to be with someone who is physically attracted to you. It always feels nice to know that there is some guy out there who thinks that you are the most beautiful woman in his eyes. However, you always want something more than just mere physical attraction. Yes, it’s a huge ego-booster to be told that you look pretty every day. But that can’t be the only thing that attracts you two as a couple.

You need to have emotionally and mentally compatible with one another as well. Remember that true love transcends mere physical appearances. And you always need to be making sure that you are with someone who is attracted to you beyond your looks. And how do you do that? Well, if he tells you these things, it’s likely that he’s a guy who really likes you for more than just your physical appearance.

1. He tells you that he admires your work ethic.

He wants to let you know that there are many other facets to your personality that he admires; facets that transcend your physical appearance. He is trying to point out that he greatly admires your work ethic; and that you inspire him to work harder himself. You somehow make him want to be a better man because of the way that you conduct yourself.

2. He tells you about his family life.

You can tell that he REALLY likes you beyond your looks if he opens up to you about his family life. It proves that he’s trying to establish a sense of vulnerability and openness with you. He’s trying to get you to be more comfortable with him by allowing himself to be more transparent with you.

3. He talks to you about how he envisions your relationship going.

You definitely know that it’s more than just how you look when he willingly talks to you about his personal dreams and vision for this relationship. He really wants you to see that he’s being serious with you; that he doesn’t just see you as a temporary fling that he can hook up with from time to time on a casual basis.

4. He tells you about his goals and dreams.

He wants you to see the person he is on the inside as well because he genuinely likes what he sees in you. He knows that you are a person of great depth; that you have so much to offer beyond just how you look.

5. He opens up to you about his deepest fears and insecurities.

He really tries to make you feel comfortable with him by trying to humanize himself in your eyes. He wants you to know that he is also a flawed human being underneath it all. He knows that you have many complexities about you that extend beyond your looks, and he wants you to see that he’s just the same.

6. He asks you if there’s anything he can help you with.

He wants to be of service to you. He knows that you also have your bad days. He knows that you get tired sometimes too. And he’s really not just in it for your looks. He’s in it for the whole package, and he wants you to feel as comfortable as possible whenever you’re with him. That’s why he always tries to be of service to you.

7. He asks you about your deepest passions and interests.

He really opens up to you about the things that you are most passionate about in life. He really wants to get to know you beyond what you give people. He knows that there is a lot to discover underneath the surface. And he doesn’t want to contend himself with mere small talk. He wants to really climb deep into the thick of things so that he can get to know you on a more profound level.

8. He tells you about random things that may remind him of you.

This is a very subtle indication that he thinks of you on a consistent basis; that even the must mundane things in life are enough to remind him of you. The truth is that he’s just trying to find an excuse to talk to you, and excuse to actually have a real conversation with you.

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