8 Things Strong Women Doesn’t Really Care About

1. She doesn’t care about the haters.

She’s really not interested in the fact that she has haters at all. She knows that she isn’t going to be able to please everyone that she meets and she’s fine with that. The only expectations she pressures herself to live up to are her own. She only ever really cares about the opinion of those who are important to her. Otherwise, she doesn’t really let herself get affected to much by what other people say about her. She’s not interested in being liked – she just wants to do her own things the best way she knows how.

2. She doesn’t care about having to hide who she really is.

She is going to always be herself; and she’s going to be unapologetic about it. She’s not going to care that she might come off as offensive to a lot of people. She isn’t going to care that society might dictate for her to live or act a certain way. She isn’t going to censor herself for the convenience of others. She isn’t going to hide behind a mask. She is proud of who she is and the woman she’s about to become. And she knows that she is never going to change for others.

3. She doesn’t care about what the popular thing to do is.

She doesn’t care about what “most people” would do when stuck in a particular situation. She knows that she has an independent mind that is capable of free thought. She is creative and she thinks outside of the box. She knows that she gets misunderstood a lot; that a lot of what she thinks and says are unpopular. But she doesn’t care about that. She is staying true to who she is because she knows that just because the majority thinks it doesn’t always mean that she’s right.

4. She doesn’t care about a person’s past as much as a person’s present.

She doesn’t care about a person’s reputation. And she’s also tired of being judged by her past mistakes. She knows that a person’s value isn’t really with where they’ve been. It’s about where they want to go and what they’re doing to get there.

5. She doesn’t care about fashion trends.

She isn’t a trend-follower, she’s a trendsetter. She doesn’t really concern herself with the fashion trends of the day because an alpha woman knows that real fashion is about self-expression. And she’s going to want to wear whatever she wants regardless if it’s trendy or not. She’s going to own whatever she wears because that’s just the kind of personality that she has. And she’s always going to subject herself to her own persona standards and her own personal tastes; not anyone else’s. She’s dressing for herself and not for others. She dresses to feel good.


6. She doesn’t care about not having enough support.

She knows that it’s hard to make it in this life without having the love and support of other people; but she doesn’t bank on the idea that she’s ALWAYS going to be able to draw strength from others. Yes, she knows that she has people around who care about her. But she knows that the only way she can really survive is if she learns how to take care of herself. She knows that she’s going to have to toughen up to the point that she is able to deal with her troubles and worries on her own; that she doesn’t grow reliant on others.

7. She doesn’t care about being nice all of the time.

She knows that she’s going to offend a few people here and there – and that’s a choice that she has to make even when it’s a difficult one. She knows that as much as she wants to be nice; she can’t always be plastic. She’s always going to keep it real. And sometimes, being honest means having to say things that aren’t so nice – but she is never going to be fake about it. She is a girl who is always going to call it like she sees it.

8. She doesn’t care about having really big social networks.

It’s not about having a huge following. It’s not about having lots of people monitor her every move and achievement. It’s not about being able to impress a large group of people. None of that really matter to her. And that’s why she doesn’t really concern herself with expanding her network all that much. It doesn’t matter to her whether she’s popular or not. She doesn’t care whether people know her name when they see her or not.

She’s only interested in having a small core group of people she can really count on to be there for her; rather than having to put up with so many shallow relationships with people she barely even knows.

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