8 Things That Go Through A Man’s Mind When He Sees A Beautiful Lady

You are probably familiar with the narrative of how a man who sees a beautiful woman might think that she’s just out of his league, and so he just doesn’t even try with her. It happens a lot.

But that isn’t the one thing that men are automatically going to think about whenever they encounter a pretty lady. There are plenty of possible thoughts that can run through a man’s mind when he sees a beautiful woman walking along the street.

All men are different after all. That’s why it’s likely that they would all react to seeing beautiful women differently. Some men are more sexual and they might just automatically run through some very sensual thoughts when they see a pretty girl.

Other men are more visual creatures and they go into the aesthetic details of a woman’s looks. It really depends. Human psychology is a complicated thing and it would be a mistake to just try and simplify everything.

But if you’re genuinely interested in learning about what can go through a man’s brain whenever he lays his eyes on a pretty lady, then you might want to read on until the end of this article. Some of the things that are going to be listed on here might already be common knowledge to a lot of you. But there is a chance that some of these thoughts will also come as a complete surprise to you.

Here are a few things that come to mind whenever a man sees a beautiful lady.

1. “How will she perform in the bedroom?”

Again, we should just get the most obvious one out of the way. It’s not too out of the ordinary for a man to just immediately jump towards sexual thoughts when he sees a pretty girl. He might automatically wonder how a girl is going to act in the bedroom whenever her looks are able to captivate him.

2. “What makes her so pretty?”

Some men will take a very detailed and analytical approach to appreciate a woman’s beauty. It’s not enough that he knows that he finds her pretty. He is going to delve very deep into why he feels these certain feelings of attraction towards her. He will want to rationalize and analyze what makes her beautiful.

3. “I wonder if she’s single.”

Of course, some guys are also going to want to go straight to the point. They will wonder whether a woman is single or not. They will want to see if they actually have a chance at landing a girl like her. He is going to be wondering about whether she’s already taken or if she’s still on the market for a guy.

4. “What can I do to approach her?”

And then, there will also be a few guys who will immediately spring into action. They will see a beautiful woman and they will not want to let the opportunity to get to know her to go to waste. And he will automatically try to think of ways to strike up a conversation with her. He will find a way to naturally and organically approach her without scaring her off.

5. “She is definitely too good for me.”

But there are some less confident guys out there too. When they see a pretty woman, they won’t automatically just think of ways to approach her. Instead, these less confident men are just going to wallow in a mild sense of self-pity. They will think about how she might be too pretty for them and that they shouldn’t even try at all.

6. “What do I do if she rejects me?”

But there are some dudes out there who will be thinking two steps ahead. They are contemplating the idea of approaching her. And they are also wondering about what they would do if she just happens to shoot him down. Naturally, he’s going to want to save face in that scenario.

7. “I wonder what her personality is truly like.”

And some guys will want to go deep into what makes her who she is. They won’t focus too much on her looks. He is going to try and go beyond what she looks like. He is going to want to figure out what kind of personality she has based on her body language and her overall demeanor. He will want to know if there is depth beyond the surface.

8. “What is her type of guy?

And some men will wonder what kind of guy a pretty woman like her would be typically interested in. He would speculate and think about what he has to be doing and what kind of guy he has to be in order to land a great girl like her. He will wonder what her ideal man would be like.

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