8 Things That Your Partner Shouldn’t Be Failing At In The Relationship

Your partner shouldn’t be failing at making you happy.

Sometimes, it just gets to a point where you have to put your foot down and say that enough is enough. You’re in a relationship and you must always be patient and understanding with your partner. But that doesn’t mean that you should be allowing yourself to be a pushover. You still have the right to demand for things in the relationship. You still have your set of expectations and standards that need to be met. And if you find that your partner is unable and unwilling to satisfy your needs in the relationship, then you really have the right to call them out on it.

In life, we are only human and we are all prone to making a few mistakes and screwups every now and then. That’s perfectly understandable. But again, every relationship is going to have its limits. There are going to be boiling points and once you’ve reached the boiling point of your relationship, then you really have to try to cool things down or else you’re going to end up getting cooked.

Frankly speaking, there’s just no point in sticking in a relationship that doesn’t make you feel happy or fulfilled. A relationship should trying to fill a void in your life, it shouldn’t be making you feel any emptier than you already feel. And that’s what happens when your needs in a relationship aren’t being met; you end up feeling overworked over something that just isn’t worth your time or effort anymore. So whenever you find yourself in this kind of relationship where you feel like your partner is just failing at being a partner then you have the right to demand more or just walk away. You have the right to just choose to move on to better things.

But how do you draw the line? How do you know which failures are forgivable? How do you know what shortcomings are intolerable in the relationship? Well, that’s what this article is for. Of course, you should be maximizing your tolerance and patience as much as possible in the relationship. But when it comes to these 10 things, you just can’t keep on rolling over. You have to take a stand. These are the 10 things that your partner shouldn’t be failing at in the relationship:

1. Your partner shouldn’t be failing at making you happy.

Happiness is the endgame. That’s the point. We all go into relationships not because love can serve as the sole source of our happiness, but because it can contribute greatly to us leading happy lives. If your partner fails to make you happy, what’s the point?

2. Your partner shouldn’t be failing at maturely communicating with you.

Communication is the bedrock for any relationship. If your partner fails to effectively communicate with you, then there is bound to be a substantial disconnect between the two of you and this could be detrimental to your relationship.

3. Your partner shouldn’t be failing at showing up for dates.

Your partner shouldn’t be flaking out on you for dates. Your partner should always be respectful of your time and your feelings. To blow you off would be a blatant act of disrespect to who you are.

4. Your partner shouldn’t be failing at developing an interest for your passions.

Your partner should at least express an interest in the things that you’re most passionate about. If they are dismissive or unsupportive of your favorite hobbies or your career, then it may mean that they don’t really love and appreciate you in the way that you deserve to be.

5. Your partner shouldn’t be failing at paying attention to you.

Your partner should be showering you with unlimited attention. If you are made to feel like your opinions don’t matter and that you don’t have a voice in a relationship, then you have to get out. You don’t have to tolerate being with someone who doesn’t want to listen to you.

6. Your partner shouldn’t be failing at respecting your boundaries.

You are a human being and you live life by your own personal rules and principles. If you set boundaries and rules within your relationship, your partner must be able to respect that. If they don’t honor your rules and boundaries, then they don’t respect you as a person.

7. Your partner shouldn’t be failing at practicing good hygiene.

Good hygiene is essential for any human being much less a mature adult who is in a relationship with another mature adult. If you feel like you constantly have to clean up after him, then maybe he isn’t mature enough to be in a relationship after all.

8. Your partner shouldn’t be failing at staying loyal to you.

Commitment and loyalty. Those are to non-negotiables in a relationship. Those are things that you should always be able to demand from your partner at all times.

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