8 Things to Do to Make Your Guy Fall More In Love With You

You stand to benefit from doing everything that you can to make your guy fall more in love with you. However, not all women realize that the job doesn’t end the moment the two of you get into a relationship together. When you fall in love with your partner, it’s always an ongoing process. Falling in love isn’t something you do once, and then it’s done. Falling in love is a process that you continue to participate in for as long as you stay together. This means that you should never stop trying to get your guy to fall for you.

A lot of people always obsess themselves over the secret sauce in relationships. However, there isn’t any recipe for a healthy relationship. It’s different strokes for different folks. It’s always a modified experience for everyone. But there are still going to be absolute best practices that you can incorporate into your relationship to give yourself the best chances. If you want to make your partner fall more and more in love with you, then you might want to try doing the following things:

1. Love yourself first.

You need to love yourself first. More than anything else, you need to make sure that your partner sees how you deserve to be enjoyed. The best way to show them a framework of how to love you would be to engage in self-love consistently. Also, when you take care of yourself, it tells them that you’re still willing to put in the effort for them.

2. Let him know that you want him; not need him.

You want him to feel like you want him, but not need him. A lot of people might think it’s cute to need the people that they love. However, love becomes valid when it’s a choice. You need to CHOOSE to be with one another. Love should be borne out of choice and not out of necessity. This way, he knows that you’re not just with him because you have to be with him.

3. Be upfront about your imperfections and insecurities.

As a human being, you are going to have your fair share of imperfections and flaws. However, you must stay honest about these things. Choosing to ignore these blemishes might tell him that you’re too proud to admit that you’re human. This is not going to play well for you. IT’s much better, to be honest, and upfront about your shortcomings.

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