8 Things To Do With Your Boyfriend That Are Just As Intimate As Having Sex

Sex is amazing, and it’s a very effective way to build the level of intimacy in your relationship. However, it’s important to note that it isn’t the ONLY way to build the level of intimacy between you and your partner. You have to know that there are many OTHER ways to be building on the level of closeness that you have within your relationship; there are plenty of other ways to really bond and connect with the man you are in love with. They don’t always have to be so grand, and they don’t always have to be so simple either.

1. Get a good cry on with one another. It’s okay to cry in front of your partner. In fact, that’s a level of vulnerability that you are reaching with your partner that you don’t typically share with other people. And that kind of emotional exclusivity that the two of you are sharing can do wonders for building the level of intimacy between the two of you. When you talk about your deepest fears and insecurities with each other, it can be very humanizing and humbling.

2. Look up at the night sky while you’re taking a stroll together or when you’re both hanging out in the garden or at the park. There’s just something so humbling in being able to contemplate the vastness of the universe around you – especially when you’re with someone you love. You get the sense that even though the universe around you is so large and always changing; the two of you can stay as universal constants. You both always have each other.

3. Go ahead and write each other real letters. REAL letters are letters that you write with your hands – along with a paper and a pen. Yes, you can use your phones to communicate with one another on a consistent basis. You can use the many different apps and social media platforms at your disposal. But you still have to be able to mix things up. And don’t be afraid of going old-school with your methods. Don’t be afraid to pick up a pen and paper and just write to your heart’s content. There’s just a lot more emotional value in something that you make with your own two hands.

4. Always be grateful for being in each other’s lives. Always make sure to express your gratitude and appreciation for one another. There’s something just so intimate in being able to make each other feel needed. There is something so intimate in being able to validate each other’s efforts in a relationship. You always feel like you want to do more in your relationship if your efforts are being acknowledged and appreciated. Otherwise, you wouldn’t really feel enticed to be expressing your love for one another.

5. Explore each other’s love languages. As human beings, we all feel and express love in very different ways. And if you want to be able to maximize the potential of your intimacy, you really need to be able to express your love for one another in ways that the both of you are able to appreciate fully. That’s why you need to both talk about your love language. You need to both talk about how you receive and express love so that the both of you are always on the same page.

6. When you’re lying down in bed or on your couch, know that you don’t have to be engaging in hot and steamy sex for the two of you to be intimate. You can just be engaging in a light cuddle with one another. Express your deep warmth and passion for each other through a secure embrace. Make yourselves feel safe in each other’s arms and you’re going to feel very close to one another. And none of it has to do with anything sexual.

7. Have a good old make-out session. Go back to the level of passion and intimacy that you might have had at the start of the relationship. Act like a couple of irresponsible teenagers who are only looking to have a good time. Let your passion for each other pour forth without necessarily having to go all the way with one another. Sometimes, a good make-out session can do wonders for the level of intimacy within your relationship

8. Give each other gifts. It’s really sweet when the both of you take the time out of your schedule to think of and buy nice gifts for each other. They don’t necessarily have to be really flashy or expensive gifts. They just have to be meaningful ones. You just have to be able to put a lot of thought and effort into your gift to make it an intimate gesture that the two of you can really bond over.

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