8 Things Woman Love But Would Never Ask From You

You probably think you’ve got it figured through and through about the woman you love. But, don’t get too cocky just yet, there are a couple of things you’re not aware of when it comes to her likes and dislikes. You may think your woman is honest and upfront at all times, she hides absolutely nothing from you and that she’s bold enough to say what she wants to tell you.

No matter how honest she may be with you, there are always some things that she may never say she wants out loud. There are some things that she would love for you to figure out on your own without her having to tell you, things that this woman will never openly admit she wants from you.

These “things” we talk of are those that men tend never to take notice of in general. These are the little things. The small but touching gestures of love and care that literally all women crave for every once in a while. What men sometimes fail to grasp is the importance of these gestures. They may look like trivial and unnecessary things, but they have the power to make a woman feel really loved and cared for.

Don’t take these little tokens of affections so lightly. Here are some of these things all women would love to experience but never ask for. You can do all these anywhere, at any time for that woman who is the love of your life.
Here we go:

1. Cook for them:

Ever considered making her day with an utterly romantic breakfast in bed? You can’t imagine the kind of contentment she’d feel if she could wake up to you surprise her with her favorite breakfast in bed. Oh, and, she probably never says it to you, but she would feel fantastic if you could cook dinner for her every now and then.

Honestly, it may sound like nothing but wait till you see the smile on her face when you take over the kitchen for her comfort. It will give her all the more reasons to believe that she is with a considerate man who thinks of her happiness a lot more than she may know and that’s a beautiful feeling to have for any women in the world.

2. Dates:

Never underestimate the magic of a proper, romantic date. Women love when a man takes them out somewhere nice on a date. Its such a fool-proof way of showing how much you love pampering her. Date nights mean lengthy, romantic conversations.

A beautiful candlelight dinner will create the atmosphere that the two of you usually miss out on in your day-to-day, busy lives and that is essential for any healthy relationship. Every couple needs that kind of time spent together every so often. Tell her to get dressed, take her out and surprise her with a date night. It will make her glow with joy and appreciation.

3. Help around the house:

She probably wouldn’t ask for it, but she would truly love for you to help her around the house. Things can be hectic sometimes, and maybe someday she just will not feel like doing everything by herself in the house. Help her with the house chores, ask her what needs to be done, make sure to ask her if she needs help, keep an eye out for work around the house that needs to get done and do it for her.

Help her with the groceries, help her with the cleaning, doing the laundry, help her with food in the kitchen, help her around the garden, etc. etc. This will let her know that you’re always trying your best to take care of her and that she’s not entirely left on her own with the house.

4. Flowers:

You can’t expect your girlfriend or your wife to call you up at work and tell you to bring her flowers on your way back home because she loves flowers. I mean, no woman really does that, ever. If you can just try and go an extra mile to make her happy every now and then, it would mean the world to her. Surprise her with flowers even when she hasn’t said anything about liking, loving or wanting flowers.

Most importantly, don’t wait for a special occasion to get her a gorgeous bouquet. Walk into your house one day with flowers for her “just because.” Tell her it’s because she deserves it. It will light up her day. Understanding what would make her happy when she chooses to remain quiet about these things will make you look like the soul mate she always dreamed of having by her side. You’ll see her blushing and beaming instantly.

5. Genuine Compliments:

When she puts on a new dress when you see her new pair of shoes, her unique jewelry, when she wears her hair down or wears a bold lip color, tell her she looks terrific. Don’t miss a chance to give her genuine compliments. Don’t ever overlook the opportunities you get to compliment her. She waits for you to say sweet things to her, but she just never mentions it. Compliment her most lovingly and romantically possible.

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