8 things women do when they’re unfaithful

Do only men cheat? Definitely NOT! While men are often associated with cheating, women can also be tempted to have affairs. Tired of their daily routines, some women seek new experiences to feel desired again.

Unfaithful women show certain signs so, if you’re unsure, here are eight signs to help you spot potential infidelity.

1. She takes care of herself

One of the first things to watch out for is if your partner, who usually doesn’t pay much attention to her appearance, suddenly starts getting dressed up, doing her hair, and using makeup. This could be a sign that she’s trying to impress someone else or has met someone new. Keep an eye on this change in her behavior.

2. She asks you about your plans

If your partner becomes overly curious about your schedule, constantly asks about your plans, or insists on knowing when you’ll be home, it could be a red flag. This behavior might indicate that she’s trying to control your time to arrange secret meetings with someone else and avoid getting caught. Pay attention to this kind of behavior.

3. She is distracted

Have you noticed your partner, who used to be attentive and eager to talk, becoming distant and distracted? When you have conversations, it seems like she’s not fully present, and her mind seems elsewhere. It’s as if her interest in you has faded, and she might be thinking about someone else. This change in behavior could be a sign to watch out for.

4. She takes her phone with her

While she used to leave her phone casually around and didn’t mind you answering calls or texts, you’ve noticed a sudden shift. She’s become overly attached to her phone, carrying it with her everywhere, even to the bathroom. If you happen to glance at her screen, she becomes secretive and hides it immediately. It’s quite unusual and raises some suspicions, doesn’t it?

5. She dodges explanations

You used to talk things out and resolve conflicts, but she avoids explaining during arguments, opting for silence and withdrawal. This change makes it difficult for you both to connect and address issues in your relationship. It’s important to find ways to communicate effectively even during challenging times.

6. She blushes when she mentions “a friend”

When you mention someone’s name and ask her about them, if she gets nervous, stammers, blushes, or acts strangely, it’s unusual behavior, especially if she’s usually calm. If she just says “He’s just a friend” without explaining, it might be something to look into and talk about.

7. She lies about everything

When women cheat, they might tell weird lies about little things, adding extra details that don’t really make sense. Look out for this strange behavior. On the other hand, some skilled liars can create believable stories and use their body language and tone to seem genuine. Pay attention and trust your feelings if something doesn’t feel right.

8. She goes out a lot more

Did your partner used to prefer staying home, but now she’s eager to go out without you, citing girls’ nights at restaurants or movies and spending a long time getting ready? If that’s the case then you should join one of these outings to better understand her new social circle. Open communication is important in these situations.

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  1. I’ve learned a lo
    * Women naturally takes care of themselves
    * Women like social media so phones are best friends ‘cos chit chatting is our thing
    * Going out a lot is also our favorite past time doing shopping even when we don’t actually buy anything
    All you have mentioned above are true though

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