8 Things You Have That Make You Sexually Attractive

What makes a person sexy?

What is it exactly about someone that makes him/her sexually irresistible? Well, sexy can mean a lot of things to so many people. And while the popular understanding of what being sexy entails seems to be constrained to purely aesthetic qualities, the people of depth understand that being sexy transcends far beyond what a person sees.

It’s perfectly possible for someone to have a sexy personality without necessarily ticking off all of the usual metrics of an aesthetically sexy body. And ultimately, that’s what sexiness boils down to. It’s really a state of being. It’s something that a person exudes and it can’t be bound merely by how a person looks. In fact, there are so many people who look the part, but fail to be sexy because they don’t have the character or the personality for it.

So what are some aspects of a person’s character that can make them become more sexually attractive to the people around them? Well, it’s hard to simplify the answer to that question. But by the powers of sheer observation, it seems evident that the people who are able to espouse these personality traits tend to be more sexually attractive than others.

Here are 8 characteristics that you have which make you sexually attractive:

1. Generosity

There is always something inherently sexy about a person who gives wholeheartedly. Generosity is a great trait to have. It shows that you are selfless and that you are a caring individual. It shows that you’re not conceited and self-absorbed. It shows that you genuinely give a damn about the people who are around you and you’re not just all about living a life for yourself.

2. Humor

A great sense of humor is always something that people are going to find sexy. You have to remember that as you get older in a relationship with another person, the looks are going to fade. And yes, while physical attractiveness is important in the initial attraction between two people; it’s ultimately one’s sense of humor that really shines in the end. With time, a great sense of humor can only get better after all.

3. Depth and Intelligence

Intelligence is always going to be sexy no matter what anyone says. There’s just something very attractive about a person who is well-read and well-informed. When you are able to converse with someone in a deep and meaningful manner, it really sets you apart. Most other people are just concerned with shallow and superficial matters a lot of the time. But when you put your knowledge and intelligence on display, it really gives you an edge.

4. Confidence

You know that you’re a person of worth in this world and so other people will be forced to believe it as well. If you genuinely believe that you are sexy, then you unconsciously give other people the permission to do the same as well.

5. Emotional Security

Emotional security is one’s ability to be okay with one’s vulnerability. If you’re an emotionally secure person, then you understand that you have your flaws and you aren’t afraid to open up about them. It shows that you are mature enough to come to terms about who you are and how you feel. You don’t try to suppress your feelings like an immature coward.

6. Amiability

Of course, the more amiable you are as a person, the sexier you are. Amiability doesn’t even necessarily have anything to do with how you look. It’s about how well you can get along with other people. It’s how kindly you treat the people you interact with. It’s about being able to adapt yourself to the personalities of so many different kinds of people and making them feel accepted and comfortable regardless of who they are.

7. Self-awareness

A person who is self-aware is considered to be sexy because that is a person who isn’t naГЇve. If you put your sense of self-awareness on display, then that is proof that you aren’t blinded from the truth and that you aren’t operating under a delusion. It shows that you have clarity and that you really know your worth as a person. You understand that you aren’t a complete doofus and idiot who isn’t worthy of the nice things that life has to offer. But it also shows that you acknowledge your own imperfections and you’re still constantly working on becoming a better individual.

8. Open-mindedness

Open-mindedness is always a sexy attribute to have because it makes you an easier person to actually converse with. When you are open-minded, it shows that you just aren’t all about talking and talking without ever listening. It shows that you value learning and that you’re deeply interested in seeing how other people see things as well. And it also shows that you’re not snobby about your persona beliefs.

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