8 Things You Need To Know About Loving A Woman Who Has Been Broken So Many Times

There are going to be a few experiences and situations that could forever change the way that you live your life. And getting your heart broken is going to definitely be right up there with all the rest. Falling in love is both a beauty and a curse somehow. You fall in love with someone and you think that it’s the most amazing thing in the world. You decide to commit to that person and give everything you have to that relationship. But then things don’t turn out the way that you expect them to. And this is the ugly side of love. Sometimes, love can backfire on you and it can end up breaking you into a million tiny pieces.

Whenever you go through heartbreak, it can alter the way that you conduct yourself on a fundamental level. You will start to see that everything will take on some kind of new meaning. You will begin to learn new perspectives about love and relationships; about the people who surround you. You will want to build a lot more walls around you because you know that you aren’t always going to be safe. You want to be more cautious because you know that you don’t want to end up getting hurt again.

And if you’re a man who has never experienced heartbreak, then good for you. But if you’re trying to get with a girl who has been broken in the past, then there are definitely a few things that you’re going to have to know about her before you get deeper into it. You can’t just be loving a girl like her in the way that you would any other girl. She’s going to require some extra attention and care. But she’s also definitely going to be worth it. Here are 8 things you need to know about loving a woman who has been broken so many times.

1. She is going to come to doubt everyone and everything.

She is going to doubt everything and everyone. She is going to think that everyone is a liar and has ulterior motives. She’s going to find it hard to trust anyone ever again because of how broken she is.

2. She focuses on the bad traits and habits of the people she meets.

She is the kind of girl who is going to focus on the bad habits and traits of the people she’s going to meet. She isn’t someone who is always going to think of the best of people anymore. She has been hurt by evil people too many times to think that man is inherently good.

3. She accepts sadness into her life a lot.

She is so used to being sad that she no longer tries to fight it. She might seem like such a negative human being but it’s only because she has been put into so many unfortunate situations in her life. She finds that the best way to cope with sadness is to just fully embrace it until it goes away.

4. She has probably grown cynical of romance.

She has probably grown cynical of the whole idea of love and romance. She has already had her heart broken so many times in the past that she has probably come to believe that love doesn’t really even exist anymore. She has to be convinced that love is actually something that is still worth believing in.

5. She likes to keep her secrets to herself.

She is not going to want to open up much about her life. She is going to be as secretive as can be. She won’t be particularly comfortable with opening herself up because she knows that other people can use it as ammo to hurt her and abuse her again like in the past.

6. She has a tendency to abandon people as a way to keep herself from feeling abandoned.

She has been abandoned by so many men that she loved in the past and she’s done with it. She’s tired of being abandoned. She’s tired of being left behind. And she will want to exit a situation before she ends up being the one who is abandoned again.

7. She might take a casual approach to things.

She isn’t going to want to take love so seriously anymore because of the times that she has been hurt in the past. She’s going to take a very casual and nonchalant approach to love because she thinks that’s a way she can protect herself from getting hurt.

8. She secretly hopes that someone proves her wrong.

And you could be that for her. You could be the guy who convinces her that she has it all wrong. You could be the man who teaches her that it’s always best that she maintains her faith in herself and in love. You could show her that not all men are going to want to break her heart.

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