8 Things You Should Know Before You Get Into A Relationship Without Labels

A relationship without labels. Is there even really such a thing? Well, the sad truth is that yes, there is. There are so many ladies out there who get duped into getting into these kinds of setups with men and they never come out of it with a happy ending. In fact, nothing about a relationship without labels is going to be happy at all.

You are always going to want to make sure that any guy that you get into a relationship with is going to commit to you. You want a guy who is not afraid to say that he is going to stay loyal to you and only you. You want a man who isn’t afraid to shout to the world that you are the woman that he’s in a relationship with.

And if you think that everything is going to turn out fine, then you definitely have another thing coming to you. You might think that it’s fine to take your chances on this relationship without labels. Okay. But there are definitely a few things that you need to know before you actually get right into the thick of things:

  1. The title or label in your relationship really does matter. You shouldn’t be buying into what he’s trying to tell you. You shouldn’t believe him when he says that you can still work things out even when you don’t put a label on things. If you are going to go on in your “relationship without a label”, then you are only going to be setting yourself up for disappointment, misunderstanding, confusion, and in the end, heartbreak. You definitely don’t want that for yourself.
  2. You are only setting yourself up for a failed relationship. You are only going to end up hurting yourself by actually consenting to the fact that you won’t put any labels to your relationship. You don’t want to be giving him permission to hurt you by refusing to put a label to your relationship. You are just letting him off the hook. You are letting him off easy. You are letting him get away with hurting you. And that’s just not right. That’s not acceptable.
  3. You will not have any rights to be upset about any other women he might be dating. You don’t get a say in all of that. You never really forced him to commit to you. He has free reign. He gets to date as many girls as he wants. He has the freedom to sleep with other women. And it’s all because you agreed to this whole weird setup between the two of you. It’s all because you consented to a relationship that doesn’t have any labels.
  4. You are going to be giving yourself to someone way too easily. And that’s never a good thing. Remember that true love is never easy. True love is something that must always be earned. True love is something that you must always work hard for. True love is something that you must always make him fight for. And if you allow yourself to be in a relationship with no labels, you are making it too easy for him to have you. And that’s just not what true love is all about.
  5. You are giving up all sense of self-importance and dignity. You are not respecting yourself the way that you should be if you agree to this kind of emotional manipulation. You are essentially telling him that he can have all of you even when he’s unwilling to give you all of himself as well. You are telling him that it’s okay for him to trample on your dignity because you don’t really care much about it in the first place.
  6. You are going to end up emotionally traumatized and scarred as a result of this weird relationship setup. You are going to feel very drained and destroyed on an emotional level. You are going to feel like you won’t have any much love left to give because you gave it all to a man who didn’t return the favor. You are going to end up resenting the idea of love and relationships just because you did things wrong the first time around. It’s the kind of relationship that will scar you for life and it might even prevent you from finding love elsewhere.
  7. You are always going to deserve better. You are always going to know that you aren’t in an ideal situation and that things shouldn’t be the way that they are. You might think that it’s a good idea to stay in it but you will always know that you could have it better.
  8. And ultimately, you will blame yourself for it all. You won’t blame him because he was upfront with it in the first place. You were the one who let him play you like a fiddle.
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