8 Things Your Girlfriend Wants To Say But She Is Too Afraid / Shy

Women are actually over-thinkers. There is always a whirlpool of ideas swirling in their heads. At one time, they are thinking about their relationship with you and the same moment they might be getting thoughts about how to get their boyfriend to improve his looks.

Many people think that girls and women are also over talkative. Well, we surely are, over-thinking and over talking is our in-built trait. But you guys have no idea that we don’t talk out all of our thoughts. There is a lot more that is cooking in our heads but we only utter half of it.

While in a relationship with ˜our guy’, there are a lot of things that we think about but we hold our words to ourselves because we don’t want to hurt the feelings of our significant other. At times, we are too shy to express what we want from our life partner and sometimes we are just too afraid that our thoughts might offend him.

Here are 8 things that almost every girlfriend wants to tell her boyfriend / life partner, but she is either too shy or too afraid to say it to him.

1. We Want You To Be Good Looking (Or at least better looking)

We women want to show you off to the world, but first we expect you to be a bit more presentable. Your compassion, sincerity and love are most important for us but looks also do matter a lot. Invest in grooming products; they will make you look more attractive and presentable.

The first thing a girl will notice in you is your physical attraction. If you are not lucky genetically, you can still learn some tricks to transform yourself from bad-looking to good-looking. Go visit some salons, follow fashion experts or ask your friends; just do something and be better looking when to go on a date with your girl next time.

2. We Want You To Be Neater

Untidiness really puts us off. To women, being messy is not at all ˜a cool thing.’ So try to be a bit tidier next time you come to meet us.

Every woman wants her partner to be clean and neat looking. Basic hygiene is a must. Dirty hands and feet, and bad breath can really turn us off. We don’t say this directly because we don’t want to offend you but we will appreciate if you stick to the basic hygiene standards and be a bit neater.В 

3. Your Wardrobe Needs A Make Over

Many men are handsome and smart but their fashion sense is totally below average. We don’t expect you to be in a designer outfit all the time, but at least have some basic sense of fashion. At times, we just want to swap your whole wardrobe but we are just afraid that we might offend you.

4. We Love Romance

Women love a fairytale romance. You got it right; we really want to be treated like a princess. We love to be adored, admired, loved and cared for. We want our guy to go an extra mile to make us feel special.

Special dinner date, chocolates, flowers, surprise gifts, love notes, ˜missing you’ texts and calls; we just love all these little things. We want our boyfriend to make us feel as we are on cloud nine, but of course we cannot ask you directly for all these little things.В 

5. We Enjoy Our Alone Time

Women need alone time to unwind, to relax and to be themselves. We also like "all girls night" and spending time with our besties. At times, we just want to be alone and get lazy, that is how we relax and calm ourselves.

But we don’t want to offend you by asking for alone time. So, if you are reading this, give us some time alone, please.

6. We Do Crave For Intimacy

Just like men, women also take pleasure fromВ being intimate. We like to feel wanted and needed. We also crave for sex as much as you do, naturally. But of course, we are too shy to admit and say this to you.В 

7. We Want You To Be Smart

Women are always attracted towards smart and intelligent guys. Even the most handsome guy will lose his charm if he is dumb. We don’t expect you to be book smart, but intelligent enough to keep us engaged in an interesting talk.

8. We Want To Feel Special

Women want you to make them feel special. Women want their men to make the extra effort, go the extra mile and take extra care of them to make them feel out of this world. Women really want their life partner to show chivalrous gestures; opening car door, offering her a seat, helping her with her coat, making her feel protected etc.

They are always hesitant in asking for these acts of care but they always crave for chivalry in their man.

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