8 Toxic Things That Guys Do Which You Mistakenly Think Of As Cute

Stay away from toxic people.

1. You think that it’s cute when he gets jealous over the fact that you hang out with other guys.

You might assume that it’s really cute whenever he gets jealous over the idea of you having other guys in your life. You might think that he is just really protective of you. You might think that he’s just trying to make sure that he doesn’t lose you by marking his territory with you. But this is toxic behavior because it just proves how insecure he is about his place in your life. It shows that he doesn’t trust you enough to still love him even though you have other guy friends in your life.

2. You think that it’s cute when he says that he wouldn’t be able to live without you.

You think that it’s so cute because this is exactly the kind of stuff that you hear from leading males in movies. You love the fact that he can’t seem to imagine having a life that doesn’t include you. But that’s toxic behavior because he is placing too much pressure on you and the relationship. He must still be able to find meaning and fulfilment in his own life outside of the relationship. If he relies on you and the relationship too much, be might end up suffocating you on an emotional level.

3. You think that it’s cute when he tries to solve all of your problems for you.

On the surface, it might seem like he’s just trying to give you as easy a life as possible; and that’s why he’s putting so much effort into solving your problems for you. Maybe he just loves you that much that he’s actually willing to go above, over, and beyond to make sure that you live a stress-free and relaxed lifestyle. But this is toxic behavior because he is babying you too much. He is barring you from growth and development by depriving you of the opportunity to get through life’s troubles on your own.

4. You think that its’ cute when he wants to spend ALL of his time with you.

It means that he’s making your life the center of his universe. And at first glance, that might seem like such a sweet and romantic thing. But that isn’t good because when he spends ALL of his time with you, it means that he’s neglecting the other aspects of life. Keep in mind that there is more to life than your relationship. It would be irresponsible for him to be making you relationship the sole aspect of his world.

5. You think that it’s cute when he goes broke trying to buy you gifts.

Why wouldn’t you be flattered if he’s willing to put all of his hard-earned money into his relationship with you, right? Why wouldn’t you feel good about him being willing to spend all of his savings on gifts and gestures for you. If he’s spending all of his cash on you, then that means he considers you to be an important aspect of his life. But this is toxic because it’s just downright irresponsible. Financial responsibility is absolutely essential in mature relationships. Reckless spending on his part is only going to lead to an absolute disaster for the both of you.

6. You think that it’s cute when he wants to rush through the relationship with you.

You might be happy at the thought of him wanting to just rush through everything because he can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with you. Maybe you believe that he just loves you so much that he doesn’t want to waste any more time with the unnecessary stuff. But sometimes, rushing into love is the worst idea on earth. You want to make sure that you both have all bases covered before you really commit to anything. You want to go through the natural process of love. You can’t afford to bypass anything if you want to do things right.

7. You think that it’s cute when he doesn’t let you go out without him.

You might think that he just wants to spend as much time with you as possible. But this is generally toxic behavior because he feels a sense of entitlement with you. He thinks that you aren’t allowed to live your own life without him. And that’s always a scary mindset to have in a relationship.

8. You think that it’s cute when he screens your phone calls and your text messages.

You might think that he’s just being obsessive with you because he loves you that much. You might think that he’s really just trying to immerse himself in your life as much as possible. You might think that he’s just trying to feel included. But the truth is that he doesn’t trust you. The truth is that he is suspicious of your behavior. He wants to control every aspect of your life – even how you communicate to your friends. The truth is that he wants to have a say in everything that surrounds your life.


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