8 Types Of Bad Men To Avoid At All Costs

Sometimes, women go through dating different guys before finding the right one. But you can avoid this if you know which guys to stay away from. In dating, it’s better to find a guy who’s calm and kind. If you want to skip the ups and downs of dating, this guide is for you.

1. The selfish man

This kind of guy is not hard to spot; he doesn’t take long to show his real nature. He’s clear that he loves himself the most, even more than you. He always thinks about what he wants first and doesn’t care about what you like, enjoy, or care about. The selfish man might not admit he’s self-centered, but he’ll say it’s self-love. If he’s always trying to show off how amazing he is, he’s likely selfish, and it’s better to stay away from guys like that.

2. The constant liar

Dating someone who isn’t honest will make your relationship and your life emotionally tiring. You can tell this person because they’re quick to promise things but don’t actually do them. They keep making up stories about themselves and don’t want to be open. When you notice that someone you might like is always being dishonest, that’s a big warning sign, and you should leave!

3. The unfaithful one

Being in a good relationship is impossible with a guy who cheats or plays around, also known as a player. They want to keep things in the middle so they can keep cheating. Some players even talk to you without telling you their real intentions. If you’re with someone who won’t say what your relationship is, be careful. It’s important to be with someone who treats you well and is trustworthy.

4. The on-and-off guy

Nowadays, with the internet, many people want to find the best person for them. That’s fine, but don’t let yourself be led on. Don’t be fooled by a guy who only calls when he’s bored, lonely, or wants something casual. You should be with a guy who cares about you and treats you as important, not replaceable. Remember, you deserve better.

5. The emotionally detached man

It’s true that many men might not understand emotions as well as women, but everyone needs to be somewhat open emotionally. Dealing with a guy who doesn’t share his feelings or seems distant can be really tough. It’s hard to know how he truly feels about things, making it difficult for you to connect with him. The emotionally distant guy might unintentionally hurt you, and it’s better to avoid that.

6. The control freak

Being with a guy who takes charge is different from being with a controlling man. A controlling man is pushy. He tries to control your social life, where you live, and your personal life. He wants to control you and can be intimidating. Controlling guys are often jealous because they’re insecure and scared. They only feel safe when things happen as they want. If you ever feel manipulated or trapped in a relationship, it’s a sign to leave.

7. The gold-digger

When a man is starting his life or facing tough times, he might not have much money. It’s okay to support him if you’re with him. But if a man isn’t trying to improve his financial situation, it’s best to avoid serious relationships with him.

8. The mama’s boy

This man is really kind and understands women well. He’s respectful and caring. He’s close to his mom, so he gets how women feel. But here’s the thing: he loves his mom a lot. She’s involved in almost everything he does, and being with him might be tough because his mom will have a big say in your life too. What’s even worse, if you ask him to choose between you and his mom, he’ll pick his mom. It’s hard to have a good relationship with someone like this.

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