8 Undeniable Signs He Wants You in His Future

You’ve liked him for a while, but you’re not sure if he likes you back. Maybe he’s shy or hard to understand. But what if there are signs he wants to be with you?

Here are 8 clear signs your crush wants to keep you in their life for a long time. Let’s find out more!

1. He has eyes for one person only, you!

When you both go to clubs and there are lots of pretty women around, he doesn’t get distracted. Unlike many guys, he only has eyes for you and doesn’t even notice others. This shows he might see you as someone special for the long run.

2. He wants to spend time with you

Even if he’s really busy, he’s making time for you. If he’s rearranging his plans to be with you more, it’s a clear sign he sees you in his future.

3. He always looks his best for you

This guy really cares about looking nice. He’ll make sure he’s dressed well, uses good-smelling cologne, and has neat hair, all just to impress you. He wants to look great for you because he wants you to be in his future.

4. He’s not afraid of being vulnerable

A man who’s scared to show his feelings might not want to commit to you because he’s afraid of being turned down. He’s always careful because being open feels unsafe to him. But if you show him you understand and won’t reject him, things might change – he could be ready to commit. This also shows you have things in common and could make a strong, lasting relationship.

5. He’s not self-absorbed

He really cares about people and how they feel. He’s not arrogant or thinking he’s better than others. He makes sure your needs are important and always makes you a priority. If he’s acting like this, it’s because he sees something special in you and thinks you could be together for a long time.

6. He introduces you to his family

Family is really important in life. When a guy wants you to meet his parents and siblings, it’s a good sign that things are going well. He believes his family will like you because they’re excited about the relationship too. It also means he wants to stay and hopes they’ll like you as much as he does.

7. He’s genuinely interested in your interests

Guys like women who are self-sufficient and have their own things they enjoy doing. He understands that to be with you, he needs to keep up with your hobbies. He’ll make an effort to learn about your life so he can have interesting conversations with you. This also means he’s really interested in understanding you, showing he might want to be with you for a long time.

8. He’s not afraid to show his feelings for you

Or, simply discuss them. Lots of guys cringe at the idea of getting all emotional and talking about their feelings. It’s usually really hard to get them to open up. So, if he’s sharing his feelings and talking about them with you, it’s a clear sign he sees a future with you.

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