8 Warning Signs You’re Dating A Fake Nice Guy

Imagine, you’ve met this wonderful guy who apparently says all the right things, treats you with love, gives you attention, and even opens doors for you. It’s a dream come true, right? However, that’s not always the case – In the dating world, there are all kinds of people, including some fake nice guys.

So, how can you tell if you’re dating is one of those guys? You may want to look for these ten warning signs that might give you a clue about his true intentions.

He Constantly Seek Approval

If your guy is overly nice to you, he might be seeking your approval. This can happen when people feel insecure and not good enough about themselves. People who constantly seek approval are often unsure of themselves. They may not be as genuine as they seem and often use others to feel better about themselves. So, keep an eye out if he seems too desperate for your praise – it might not be genuine.

He Has an Exaggerated Sense of Concern For Your Well-Being:

If he acts like he’s overly concerned about your well-being and goes out of his way to take care of you. At first, it feels nice, and you think he genuinely cares. But over time, you might feel like his concerns become exaggerated and too much to deal with. This is the kind of behavior that ultimately pushes people away because everyone wants some space in relationships, whether romantic or not.

He Criticizes You Behind Your Back:

Ifa guy isnice to your face but criticizes you behind your back, he might pretend to support you when you’re together but talk negatively about you when you are not around. This shows they are not genuinely nice. Watch out for any signs of this behavior in your relationship, as it can be a red flag that they are not being honest and respectful towards you.

He Tells Transparent Lies:

Picture this: those fake nice guys who act all sweet when you’re there but then tell lies when you’re not. It’s like living in a world of deception. They seem kind on the outside, but secretly, they’re not genuine at all. Stay alert for these types and choose to be with honest and caring people. You deserve authentic connections in your life!

He Constantly Tries to Flatter You:

Beware of those fake nice guys who always try to flatter you to your face but secretly criticize you behind your back. They shower you with compliments and sweet words when you’re together, but they can be quite hurtful when you’re not around. It’s essential to be cautious of such behavior and surround yourself with people who truly appreciate and respect you.

He Gets Upset When He Doesn’t Get His Way:

A genuinely kind person understands and respects your choices and limits. But beware of the fake nice guys who get upset and throw a fit when things don’t go their way. It’s a sign of selfishness and a lack of consideration for your feelings.

He Has a History of Short-Term Relationships:

be wary if you find that he has a history of short-term relationships. This pattern could suggest that his niceness is just a façade and that he struggles to maintain genuine and long-lasting connections. Keep your eyes open and think carefully before getting involved with someone who shows a track record of short-lived romances.

His Niceness Only Exists When They Want Something:

Watch out for the fake nice guy who acts all sweet and caring only when he wants something from you. He shows kindness to get what he needs or when he wants you to do something for him. But once he gets what he’s after, his niceness disappears. It’s a manipulative tactic that shows he’s only thinking about himself.

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