8 Ways To Deal With Having Relationship Anxiety

Have you ever experienced being called clingy in your relationship before? If you’ve only been called clingy by one or two people, then it might not really mean anything. However, if enough people have already accused you of being clingy, then this might be something serious that you really need to look into. A lot of times, what people consider to be “clingy” behavior is actually just relationship anxiety. And it’s definitely something that you want to address if you don’t want to end up pushing your partner away from you.

Relationship anxiety actually often comes from the trauma that is acquired through previous failed romances or toxic relationships. And it’s important that these negative and toxic thoughts be addressed so as to prevent the unnecessary decimation of a perfectly fine relationship. You don’t want to be putting your loving relationship at risk just because you left your relationship anxiety unresolved. This is something that you definitely want to combat head on.

And if you’re feeling lost in that regard, then this article is going to help you out with your situation. Here are a few things that you can do to help combat the relationship anxiety that you are feeling.

1. Strengthen the bonds of communication in your relationship.

Anxiety isn’t really something that you would be able to deal with purely on your own – most especially if it’s relationship anxiety. One of the best ways that you can quell the anxiety that you feel is to actually strengthen the bonds of communication that you have between you and your partner. When there are absolute openness and accessibility between the two of you, then there is very little that you would typically need to be anxious or worried about.

2. List down all of your positive traits and characteristics.

Sometimes, insecurities can be a driving force in inducing anxiety within a person. And if you have a lot of insecurities within you, it can be very difficult to overcome the anxiety that you’re feeling. So, if you want to address your insecurities, you might want to take some time to remind yourself of the many great aspects of your personality.

3. Don’t let jealousy consume you.

One of the biggest signs that you have relationship anxiety is that you act overly jealous and controlling of your partner. And you’re going to want to resist that urge as much as possible. You might think that holding on to your partner even tighter will make them stay with you. But you’re only going to end up driving them farther away from you.

4. Be supportive of your partner in the same manner that you are being supported.

You are going to need a lot of support from your partner as you try to deal with all of your anxiety. And if you have a partner who truly loves you, then that shouldn’t be a problem. He would definitely be willing to support you. However, he needs to feel the same kind of support from you as well. You need to be able to exude strength and confidence too.

5. Learn to be more trusting of your partner.

Trust is essential in any kind of relationship. But it’s even more important if you happen to be in a romantic relationship. There is no way you would be able to subdue your anxieties if you find yourself incapable of trusting your partner. Learn to always reassure one another of your commitment and your loyalty to the relationship. You have to trust that your partner loves you at all times.

6. Accept the things that are beyond your control.

There will be certain aspects of your life and your relationship that you wouldn’t really be able to control. And sometimes, when something is beyond your control, you can get really anxious about it. But you need to be able to let these things go. You need to accept that you have limitations and that you aren’t always going to be able to manipulate everything to your liking.

7. Breathe and meditate.

Sometimes, the answer to all of your problems can be found within. You would be surprised at how incredibly therapeutic and healing it can be to take some time to breathe and meditate. Even for just 5 minutes every single day, dedicate this time to just breathe and meditate. Release all of that negative energy within you so that it doesn’t end up consuming you.

8. Take some time to analyze the situation.

Take a long and hard look at the situation that you’re in. Gather some perspective. You might think that there are plenty of things that you should be worried about. But you will also find that there are plenty of reasons for you to be happy and at peace. You just need to focus on the more positive parts.

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