8 Ways To Improve Your Confidence To Help You Land The Girl

1. Cut ties with negative friends.

Confidence is never something that is innate. It isn’t necessarily an inherent aspect of a person’s character. Confidence is always developed and built over time. There are plenty of factors that can possibly affect a person’s confidence. A lot of them are always environmental. You are mostly shaped and molded by the environment that surrounds you. Your personality is a direct result of the people and the setting that you choose to surround yourself with.

By now, you must have a good read on how people generally act or feel whenever they’re around you. You always get a good sense of whether people will generally regard you as a person of high regard and you can respond accordingly. A person with high confidence is always someone who generally feels that other people are comfortable in his presence. On the other side of the coin, a person with weak confidence levels is going to be someone who tends to be introverted and unsociable. He will get the feeling that people are uncomfortable around him and so his confidence diminishes more and more every day. This is how the people around you can impact your confidence levels as a person. 

It’s no secret that you always have to be confident around the ladies. Confidence is a huge booster when it comes to trying to win over the hearts of women. Generally, the ladies are going to be attracted to the men who are sure of themselves; the men who know their worth and who aren’t afraid to go after what they want. There are typically two ways by which you can manifest your confidence: you can build your confidence on an intrinsic level and you can go ahead and get rid of the aspects of your environment that influence your confidence in a negative manner.

While there are plenty of possible means by which a person can build on his confidence levels, it doesn’t always have to be so complicated. There are some very simple methods to building one’s confidence and here are some of those examples. 

1. Cut ties with negative friends.

You don’t want to surround yourself with negative friends if you want to build your confidence. You only want to be with friends who actually push you, uplift you, and allow you to become a better person. You don’t want to be friends with people who have the crab mentality. Friends who don’t want you to succeed or who are jealous of your success aren’t really your friends. 

2. Don’t go for women who thrive off of rejections.

There are just some games that you can’t win. There are also just some women that you’re just going to have to walk away from. There are actually lots of women in the world who get off on leading their men on a leash without really committing to them. In fact, they might end up rejecting you in the end. Don’t waste your time with immature women like that. 

3. Try to look at life through a more optimistic lens.

Have a more optimistic outlook on life. If you are going to keep expecting the worst out of people, then you won’t want to interact with anyone. Confidence is built whenever you assume the best out of the people that you’re interacting with. A lot of times, a negative mindset can turn you off from actually putting yourself out there. 

4. Develop a healthier perspective on rejection.

Rejection is a terrible thing but the most confident people in the world will never let it phase them. They will take a healthy perspective on things and use rejections as learning experiences. They won’t allow rejections to consume their souls and bring their confidence levels down. They will look at the brighter side of things, lick their wounds, and move on. 

5. Stop comparing yourself to others.

Comparisons with other people are often the leading causes for our insecurities. We look at the wonderful and beautiful lives of other people, and we are distraught at the fact that our lives are not like theirs. We forget that our lives are also so much better than a lot of other peoples’. The point here is that you shouldn’t be basin your happiness and confidence on how other people are living their lives. The only life you have to be worrying about is yours. 

6. Let go of any emotional baggage.

Get rid of emotional baggage. Any unresolved issues that you might have should be left in their rightful places in the past. That extra weight is only going to end up bogging you down the more that you carry it. They are only going to contribute more to your insecurities as a person.

7. Don’t give in to society’s idea of the ideal man.

Sometimes, commercialism will try to impose its ideas of what a perfect and confident man should look like. Don’t give in to these standards. Be your own definition of confidence and set the benchmark for those who are around you.

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