8 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Witnessing the fire in your relationship unspectacularly dying out and finally perhaps even dwindling to nothing? Having trouble recalling the last time you and your partner were going at it for hours on end?Finding it difficult to muster up the energy to say yes to your partner for a night of abandon? There’s no shame in admitting it. We all have those tiring days at work, that tend to leave you rather spent towards the end of them, resulting in an inability to summon up the energy or the mood to feel warm towards the prospect of sex. It is more common than you would expect, but it comes to nearly all of us in time. The idea should not, although, be to shrug off these feelings and let matters go as they are. Instead, you ought to feel no discomfiture in acknowledging and taking measures to remedy the situation. So here are 8 ways to build up the mood for that perfect sex you haven’t been having.

8. Hit the gym

Exercise, in virtually any form, acts as an alleviator of stress. Exercise will help stimulate the feel-good neurotransmitters in your brain, called endorphins. You needn’t begin with several hours of a gym session. Even if you work out for, say fifteen minutes in a day, that is still fifteen minutes of something good you did for your body and mind. That thought alone has the ability to sustain you and keep you feeling revved up throughout the rest of your day. The key is to feel good about yourself. And working out does more than that!

7. Take over chores

Household chores can be a source of stress when performed over a long period of time without a substantial amount of help from your partner. For several women, it can be a great turn on to just have a man willing to take over chores and help around the house. And all you gentlemen really can’t complain when she’s right there warming up to you for that tremendous pile of dirty dishes you’d washed just before bed. The fact of the matter is women love men who care and show it, so you’ve got your work cut out for you.

6. Seduce each other

So it may have been a while to your current relationship, and the passion has perhaps lost some of its vitality. Your partner has begun to take the pleasure of your intimate company for a given. Or he may have begun to do the worst – beg you for sex. What should you do? To begin with, don’t go on a guilt trip just because he wants it and you don’t. That may only eventually lead to a build up of resentment. Instead, remind each other of what it was like at the inception of your relationship. And most importantly, learn to seduce each other once more. This goes more for you men than women. Pay her compliments. And not just “You look hot.” Get creative. Be perceptive. Notice her. Be articulate in your praise of her. Women love compliments. They key is not to be eloquent, but sincere.

5. Try risqu new lingerie

Some women love the feel of a silk negligee against their skin. If it is a pair of sumptuous suspenders you like, then don’t think twice; try it. If it’s a risqu playsuit, then you very likely have your partner’s wholehearted approval for this one. If you’re more of a silk kimono girl who likes to leave something to the imagination, then go for it. Pull out all the stops on this one if that’s what you desire. This will please you and your partner both. After all, who doesn’t love new lingerie?

4. Have some alone time

Spending time alone will help you discover who you are as a person and what you want. Men have a biological advantage over women. He may get aroused merely by looking at you in a push-up and an old faded tee, but women obviously require much more than just a come-on. So, indulge in anything your heart desires. It could even be some Kegel’s at random moments of the day, or a long warm shower where you pour yourself some wine, head towards that scented bath and unwind. Discover your own rituals, and do what makes you feel good about yourself.

3. Dirty talk

The extent to which you take this one is entirely up to you. Some couples get revved up with hardcore dirty talking, whereas others enjoy a more tame aspect of this activity. But don’t be afraid to dirty talk to your partner. Words have the ability to be powerfully erotic and stimulating. Employ them well. And you shall be surprised how just a few words would leave you and your partner exhilaratingly inflamed.

2. Experiment with toys

Toys don’t necessarily mean that you are not satisfied with your partner. There is a rather broad territory of toys for your experimentation. And if you’re feeling threatened considering the prospect of your girlfriend enjoying them, then just know that women leave men for reasons markedly different from a battery-operated device. So don’t sidestep needlessly. If you’ve been considering expanding your sexual horizons, then that’s a good thing for your relationship. Your sexual freedom will give you more confidence, and who’s to say you can’t bring your toys into the bedroom? After all, there’s a vast array of toys for couples, and bringing them into your relationship may take intimacy to a whole new level!

1. Don’t be afraid to role play

If you’ve never indulged in sexual fantasies with your partner before, then take this one slow, and gradually introduce your partner to what turns you on and vice versa. Lovers who give voice to their fantasies and desires ultimately have stronger and healthier relationships. Role playing will keep you anticipating, and therefore prevent things from turning stale in the bedroom. It really is rightly said that, “Anticipation and uncertainty are the essence of a romantic courtship.”

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