8 Signs Of A Bad Girlfriend And How To Spot Them Easily

When you get a girlfriend, it can seem like it’s the most amazing thing ever. You will be so caught up with how great and wonderful everything is going to feel. However, that can be a problem if there are certain red flags that you will become blind to as a result of the love and affection that you feel. You must always make it a point to spot out the signs of a bad girlfriend.

When you first get into a relationship with someone, there will be a tendency for you to have rose-colored lenses. That means that you’re going to end up seeing only the beautiful aspects of your relationship and not the bad parts. But that should be fine if it’s only the little things. For instance, if your girl has a tendency to snore while she’s asleep, that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker in a relationship. It shouldn’t matter much to you.

But it becomes a problem when she has a very destructive personality that could potentially derail your relationship. She might even be so toxic to the point that the quality of your own life gets compromised.

You need to be able to make that delineation. You need to be able to differentiate between having a girlfriend who only has a few minor flaws and a girlfriend whose personality is so terrible that you end up becoming a worse person as a result of being around her.

And also, it would be really difficult to sustain a relationship with a bad girlfriend. Why? Because she wouldn’t have the traits and personality necessary to actually make a relationship work with anyone.

But how do you know? How are you able to tell? What signs do you need to be looking out for? Where exactly do you need to be looking at in order for you to find out if you’re meant to be in a relationship with a girl or not? Well, the signs are going to be listed here.

1. You aren’t happy as a result of being with her.

You aren’t happy as a result of being with her.

You aren’t really happy in your life anymore. You thought that being with her would bring happiness in your life. However, you’ve found that your life is just so much worse now. A relationship shouldn’t be your sole source of happiness in your life. But it shouldn’t be what is keeping you from being happy either.

2. Your friends and family tell you that she’s bad news.

Of course, when you get into a relationship with someone, you always want to make sure that you do so on your own volition. You never want to be living a life for other people. You never want to be letting others dictate how you conduct your love life. But you can’t be completely deaf to the warnings and cautions that they might give you.

3. She isn’t consistent with her efforts.

She doesn’t really show any semblance of consistency with her efforts for your relationship. Sometimes, she can be really sweet and kind towards you. And then she suddenly acts very cold, distant, and irritable.

4. All of your time seems to get eaten up by her.

You notice that you don’t really have much time to do the things that you love anymore. It’s either you’re just working or you’re spending time with her. But you don’t really get to make time for the other important aspects of your life anymore.

5. She doesn’t really pay attention to you.

She doesn’t really listen to you whenever you try to talk to her. She never makes you feel like she values your thoughts and opinions on anything. She doesn’t make you feel safe or free to express yourself.

6. She is always late and flaky.

She doesn’t really show any respect for your sense of time. She is always just moving at her own pace without any care for the time that you have. Whenever you go on a date, it’s either she comes late or she cancels at the last minute.

7. She makes you feel like you have to change for her.

You never really feel like you are enough for her. She is always complaining, nagging, and saying bad things about you. She belittles you at every chance she gets. You are always pressured to be or act a certain way that is different from who you really are.

8. She doesn’t show appreciation or gratitude for her efforts.

She never really tells you that she’s appreciative of the efforts that you make in the relationship for her. She doesn’t really let you feel like anything that you do is enough for her. She never expresses any form of gratitude or appreciation for everything that you bring into the relationship.

  1. Apparently this applies to men being bad boyfriends as well, if you need proof, I’ll introduce you to my ex-bf.

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