8 Ways To Spot A Fake Nice Person

We come across all kinds of people in our lives. Some we like, some we love, and some are the type that comes to us primarily to teach lessons about love, friendship, trust and a lot more. Those are the ones that one can call “fake”” They have more than side to themselves. Relying on either of these sides is hard. Fake people never really mean the things say or do. Who they are changes according to the situations and circumstances. They’re not one of those who you could trust to be the same.

Their words, moods, behavior and general stance on things and people never remains constant. Two-faced and inauthentic people may be incredibly sweet to you when you’re around, but in your absence, they may just be the complete opposite; they will tell you the really like you, and they will tell someone else you’re a horrible person behind your back. Yes, people do that. No one wants to associate themselves with people who are fake and unreliable. If you’re going to steer clear from anyone who may be false, it is essential to identify the defining characteristics of their personalities. How do you define a toxic, fake person coming from miles away?

Here’s how:

1. They always pretend to be nice:

. No one is capable of being friendly to anyone all the time. Sometimes, even the people we look up to can lose their temper, get upset, end up fighting, crying, because human beings cannot always be our best selves. If you sense someone being kind to you all the time, let me tell you something, their constant niceness should alarm you. See it as a warning. No matter how absurd it sounds, you must always take caution from people who are being incredibly kind and sweet to the point where it starts to feel unnatural. There is almost always an agenda behind their niceness. They could be wanting something from you or maybe something else. You can never really know with such people. Watch out.

2. They make false promises:

Someone who’s goodness is fake has a habit of making too many commitments, making themselves look like people who you could count on. They make sure to make us believe they will be by our side in our time of need. But whenever you ask for their help, and you want them to hold your hand in difficult times, they will vanish into thin air. They will never be seen anywhere around you until they know your problem is solved.

They will give you stupid reasons for not being able to help you but understand that such people are never honest about helping you out. They will stick around only when it is convenient for them. If you know someone who does this, make sure to stop trusting them because they’re actions and sentiments are indeed fake.

3. They corner their prey:

When you have something to say or to get off your chest, they will turn a deaf ear to it. It is not part of their personality to listen. However, their talking is what they make use of. You will see a two-faced person talk individually to multiple people and never come out of the shadows about what they’ve been saying. They will choose never to say things out loud.

Everything will be whispered and slipped indirectly during conversations. Such a person may usually not have an end goal, but it is instead their need for temporary gratification or an ego boost. They will use these tactics to corner their prey, slowly and secretly say untrue things about someone to others. To top it off, they will be lovely to this person still so that the person may never have a clue about what is being said about them by their back.


4. They never initiate contact:

Every relationship should have efforts from both the sides. If you are the only one who is making the first one move and making attempts to meet them or contact them, then stop and analyze this situation. People who are kind to your face acting like your closest friend, while not bothering at all about you when you have not tried to be around them, are fake and hypocritical.

5. The Critique:

When a friend engages in critique, they do so to help or improve some aspects of your personality, work or whatever it may be. However, no positivity can come with critiquing a friend behind their back. They’re the type of people who will point out everything disagreeable about you to everyone except for the person in question. Because, while they sugarcoat this as “critiquing you for your betterment” it is just talking about you behind your back.

They may act like they want what is best for you, the truth is their good intentions are fake. They will be jealous for your happiness you’re your success. They will talk behind your back. Remember, when someone isn’t being fake, they will hide your flaws form the world, not show them around and point them out as soon as they get a chance to do. That’s how a two-faced person functions in social settings, and there isn’t anything you can do to change that.

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