8 Ways You Keep Yourself From Finding True Love

Sometimes, you are your own biggest roadblock to finding true love.

Don’t be surprised if the number one person who is holding you back from finding true love is yourself.

You might be the type of person who just latches on to toxic people in relationships. Or maybe you’re just the type of person who just doesn’t believe in yourself; you don’t think that you’re good enough for love. Somehow, you might also be the person who just gives up all too easily in relationships.

You run away at the earliest signs of adversity. Well, these are all mistakes that you make on your own – and these are mistakes that you need to be addressing for yourself. And this is the perfect article for you.

You have to understand that you aren’t being scolded or reprimanded. The intention of this article isn’t to make you feel bad about who you are. It isn’t about making you think that you are less of a human being because you are the way that you are.

But rather, what this article really aims to do is to give you some insight into how you live your life and why you are doing some things that are actually detrimental to your pursuit of love and happiness. You should always be open to growth and development as a human being, and that all starts with being able to acknowledge whenever you make mistakes or when you do something wrong.

To begin with, it’s important to stress that love is inherently complex and difficult. It’s not always as easy as meeting someone and having everything just fall into place. That kind of stuff only happens in the movies. Real love and life are never so simple.

And you need to be able to understand that before you move forward. You need to prepare yourself for the hardships and difficulties that are in store for you before you embark on your pursuit for true love. Not all relationships are meant to last. Just because you fall in love with someone who also falls in love with you doesn’t mean that the both of you are going to be able to sustain that love forever.

You aren’t always going to get love right at your first try. Perhaps, it might even take you a few attempts before you actually find for yourself a semblance of success. But what’s important is that you take each failed experience as an opportunity for growth and learning.

That’s often where a lot of people make a mistake when it comes to their love life. They think that when their relationships fail, it’s often just because of fate or the other person. They fail to look inside of them – to acknowledge the parts of them that need fixing. There’s a certain sense of humility that you need there for you to be able to grow as a human being. And in case you’re not just as introspective as other people, then this article is exactly what you need.

1. You don’t believe that you are deserving of love.

In order for you to find the love that you deserve, you really have to believe that you are deserving of that love first. It’s going to be so much harder to convince people to love you when you don’t love yourself.

2. You settle for love that is less than what you deserve.

Don’t settle. Love isn’t something that you settle for. It’s something that you pursue and work tirelessly at.

3. You don’t open yourself up to falling in love with different kinds of people.

You need to widen your circle a little bit. If you keep falling for the wrong people, maybe it’s because you’re reluctant to explore outside of your comfort zone.

4. You only commit to the people who aren’t willing to do the same for you.

Sometimes, some people just aren’t worth pursuing. And you have to be able to recognize that for your own sake. Yes, it’s good to commit to someone you’re in love with. But it’s a waste of time to commit to someone who won’t commit to you.

5. You keep committing the same mistakes over and over again.

Mix things up a little bit. If you keep failing – it’s probably because you keep doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results.

6. You are too scared to open yourself up to another person.

You need to allow yourself to be vulnerable to another person if you want them to trust you. The less you want to open up, the less likely someone will want to be with you at all.

7. You think you have to play games to win at love.

Love isn’t a game – and you shouldn’t be playing to win. You’re toying with peoples’ feelings and emotions if you approach love as if it’s a game.

8. You allow yourself to get stuck in relationships with the wrong person.

Don’t be afraid to leave someone if you know that you’re wrong for each other. Don’t let the fear of being single or the fear of breaking up keep you from escaping an unhappy relationship.

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