7 Worries That You Only Have When You’re With A Guy Who Isn’t Right For You

Do you have these worries?

It may seem like a virtual impossibility at this point to try and weed out the quality men from the terrible ones. There are just so many bad boys out there who are only looking to use and abuse their women for their own unhealthy persona desires. As a result, a lot of girls end up growing a general distrust for the male gender as a whole. You yearn for finding and falling in love with the man who is going to bring you constant happiness and joy. 

You desperately try so hard to seek the guy with whom you can have long conversations for hours on end. You want to be able to find the guy who is as dreamy as they come. And over time, even though your faith is practically fading, you still cling to the hopes that you will eventually find the man who will make all of your persistence worth it.  

And so you continue to go on dates with random men. You continue to allow yourself to be vulnerable to people. You still give this love thing a try even though you always end up disappointed. You do this because you know that the potential benefits that come with love will always outweigh the risks. You still maintain that idealism for love that has been tested so many times in the past.

But ultimately, you get tired of constantly being disappointed. And you’ve decided that you won’t allow yourself to fall for a man who just isn’t worth the risk anymore. You don’t want to invest yourself in a relationship that doesn’t have a shot at lasting. And it’s even more frustrating to you because you know that your failed relationship experiments of the past were never your fault. There was always something wrong with the guy.

What you really need right now is a solid system for you to weed out the bad guys from the good ones. You need to be able to spot the bad boys early on so that you can get yourself out of the relationship before things get serious and you end up being disappointed again. But how do you do that? Well, you only have to look deep inside of you.

Keep in mind that a great guy is never going to deliberately make you feel too anxious, insecure, or worried. And so if you happen to feel these worries in your relationship, then he’s not a good guy and you need to get out:

1. You worry about not looking pretty enough.

In a loving relationship, you shouldn’t have to feel worried about not being good-looking enough for your partner. Your love should be one that transcends mere visual pleasures. You should have a relationship that is built on a strong emotional connection not just mere physical attraction.

2. You worry about asking him to spend time with you.

In a health love, you shouldn’t have to worry about asking your man to spend time with you. Not that you are entitled to all of his time, but you wouldn’t have to be afraid of asking him to share some of his time with you. You are supposedly in a loving relationship after all.

3. You worry about asking him to go out with your friends.

If he truly loves you, he would make it a big deal for him to try to win your friends’ affections as well. You shouldn’t have to worry about him wanting to spend time with you and your friends in a healthy relationship at all.

4. You worry about how he really feels about you.

A man who is genuinely in love with you would never make you doubt just how much he loves you. He would never make you question how he feels about you. He would never allow you to feel worried about your place in his life.

5. You worry about him judging your passions and interests.

You shouldn’t have to worry about opening up about the things that you are passionate about in life. You should always be able to expect him to be supportive of you.

6. You worry about being your genuine self.

If you are constantly made to feel like you can’t be who you are in the relationship, then you are in the wrong relationship to begin with. You should always be made to feel comfortable with just being your genuine self whenever you’re together. You shouldn’t have to act like someone you’re not.

7. You worry about what he’s doing when you’re not around.

If your man truly loved you the what that they’re supposed to be loving you, then you wouldn’t have to worry about what they’re doing when you’re not around. You wouldn’t have to be scared of the idea of them flirting it up with other women behind your back. You would know that they would stay loyal and faithful to you even when you’re not there.

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