82-Year-Old Nanny Pat Attended The Glastonbury Festival Wearing Sunglasses And Holding Zimmer Frame

Credits: @ColinGPaterson on Twitter

An 82-year-old woman showed up at the ongoing Glastonbury festival holding a Zimmer frame.

The older adult wanted to attend the festival for so long, and it was her 80th birthday wish that her family should take her to the Music Festival. However, her wish didn’t come true in the past as the pandemic hit the world and put everything on hold.

After waiting for two years, her wish finally came true, and she was presented with a Glastonbury festival ticket by her family on her 82nd birthday.

So, on Wednesday, June 22, 2022, she finally went to attend the festival and enjoy the performances of Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, and Diana Ross.

Pat Brookes, known as Nanny Pat, was seen entering the festival wearing her shades and carrying a Zimmer. As she entered the premises, one of her relatives, Linda Brooks Lampard, told BBC that Nanny Pat had waited two years to attend this event.

“My brother and my sister-in-law, their mother has been to Glastonbury two, three times before and for her 80th birthday, they asked what she would like. So she’s actually here with her Zimmer frame, coming through the gates.” She said.

She also said that their whole family decided to attend the festival with Nanny and help her experience the thrill of this event.

While talking to correspondent Colin Paterson, another family member said Nanny Pat was thrilled to see the Chemical Brothers DJ performance.

“Her name is Nanny Pat; she comes camping with us, all over the country. There’s no stopping her even though she is on a Zimmer frame and she is shuffling this year. She was absolutely excited at the news that the Chemical Brothers were doing a DJ set, and she will even go up the stage if she can, she’ll be up there.”

The family also shared with the BBC that Nanny Pat has a very diverse taste in music and likes loud music better.

“She loves music and has a very varied taste; the louder, the better. We even had to hold her back at a Kaiser Chief’s concert once.”

While talking to Paterson, Nanny Pat said, “I would like to sneak around the side of the crowd and try to get to the front of the stage, although I know if I try something like that, I’d ‘slaughtered’ by the people, I can’t keep still.”

“I am very much looking forward to seeing McCartney at the festival.”

Later that day, the BBC entertainment correspondent Colin Paterson posted Nanny Pat’s picture on his official Twitter account.

“This is Nanny Pat. For her 80th birthday in 2020, all she wanted was a ticket to Glastonbury. Two years later, and she is finally getting to go.” The caption read.

Colin’s tweet received many comments in which people loved Pat and admired her ‘fun-loving’ personality.

“genuinely my goal in life is to be a Nanny Pat.” A person quote retweeted the photo.

“I can only hope to be as cool with 82 as Nanny Pat is.” Another wrote.

“I love this! Absolutely aspire to be like this woman and still festivalling in my 80s.” a third user penned.

“Go Nanny Pat, next time I’ll happily customise your Zimmer frame… pom-poms, tassels, sparkle etc I’ll be watching and enjoying from the comfort of my sofa.” Said another.

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Colin Paterson on Twitter

Featured Image Credits: Colin Paterson on Twitter

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