9 Acts That Men Do Religiously With The Ones They Love The Most

He really pays attention to whatever it is you have to say.

By now, it’s probably been well-established that men and women are two vastly different creatures. How one side may act and feel can be totally different as seen from the other side. That’s why a lot of miscommunication and disagreements can arise within a relationship between a man and a woman. Conflicts are to be expected when two people are speaking significantly different languages. And that’s all part of the dynamics of love and romance. You have to be able to manage that conflict and turn it into something that actually promotes your compatibility as a couple.

But still, there will be times wherein you won’t fully understand what your man is doing or how he is feeling. This may be because men are inherently less expressive and less open than women typically are. Men think that they have to be stoic and mysterious with their feelings and they rarely ever leave things all out in the open. And that can be incredibly frustrating for a lot of women. All you want to do is know how your man is feeling so that you can know if what you’re doing in the relationship is making him happy or not. You just want to know if your man really loves you so that you can know for certain that you aren’t just wasting your time being in a relationship with someone who doesn’t really love you.

Don’t fret. As frustrating as it can be to deal with a man who just refuses to open up about his feelings, you have the power to read between the lines. You just have to know what you need to be looking for and figuring out how your man really feels about you will be easy. Here are a few things that men only ever really do when they’re with the person they love the most.

1. He really pays attention to whatever it is you have to say.

Communication is important in a relationship, and even though you might have a partner who doesn’t necessarily talk much, it is infinitely more important that you have a partner who listens to you. He really loves you if he makes you feel like he’s really paying attention to whatever you want to tell him. He does this because he really values your opinion and your thoughts.

2. He is never afraid to make compromises and sacrifices for you.

how to make a guy confess his feelings

Relationships are always going to require compromise. If he’s willing to make compromises and sacrifices for you, then that is direct proof that he’s in love with you. It means he would willingly give up some of his desires just to make you happy.

3. He will gradually allow himself to be vulnerable towards you.

He may not reveal all of his cards to you right away, but when you get the sense that he is slowly opening himself up to you, then that is a good sign. It means that he is gradually becoming more comfortable with you.

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