9 Bad Habits That Are Present In Strong And Independent Women

Ladies, is it true?

The social landscape is changing day by day. The world is evolving and genders are starting to be placed on a more equal footing than before. The fight for gender equality has been a long standing one and it still persists today. But little by little, women all over the world are making waves and showing men that they have the power to dominate as well. Women are slowly proving their worth in the world and that a male-dominated society should be a thing of the past. Thus the emergence of a new brand of woman the strong and independent woman.

In the old days, women weren’t allowed to vote because they were believed to be foolish and stupid. Women were always expected to be homemakers and family raisers as opposed to being real breadwinners. But nowadays, women are singlehandedly raising families by themselves all over the world. They are doing very well for themselves and they are serving as great disruptors and innovators in various industries. These strong and independent women should always be taken seriously and no one should be taking them for granted; no one should be underestimating them at all.

But like all other people, these strong and independent women are not immune to having flaws and imperfections. They are still human beings after all and they will tend to stumble from time to time. These strong and independent women are prone to having character flaws that arise out of their bad habits. Remember that habits are what shape our attitudes and character. Our personalities are all dependent on how we carry ourselves in everyday life. And so what bad habits do these strong and independent women have in common? Well, here they are.

1. They don’t really like to be part of high maintenance friendships.

They don’t like to always maintain contact with friends. They don’t think that it’s important to be in constant communication with even their closest friends. They aren’t particularly antisocial, it’s just that they want to be able to manage their time effectively to be more productive.

2. They tend to have long work hours.

They will work themselves to death, as people usually say. They will often neglect their physical and mental well-being by investing too much of their time into work. They have a tendency to forget the importance of taking a break and letting loose every so often.

3. They will stress themselves out even over the littlest things.

Strong and independent women always know how to pay attention to the details. But sometimes, this can be a bad thing. They might stress themselves out over the simplest things that normal people wouldn’t really be worried about.

4. They will want to be in full control of whatever situation they find themselves in.

They find it very difficult to relinquish control. They always like to take a calculated and methodical approach to things and so they tend to hate surprises. Whenever things don’t go according to plan, they might not really adapt well.

5. They will always choose to put their own needs ahead of everyone else’s.

A lot of people will call them out for being selfish, but it’s not totally unreasonable to always prioritize the needs of the self. They just want to make sure that whatever they have to make a decision, they come to a choice that can mostly benefit them in the long run.

6. They will take a very long time before they feel comfortable about opening up to another person.

They tend to be very closed off and guarded. They won’t want to open up to just anyone. It will take a very long while for them to warm up to a person and feel comfortable with opening up about their feelings, passions, and deepest emotions.

7. They often bite off more than they can actually chew.

Sometimes, their own pride and confidence can be detrimental to their well-being. They will tend to take on a lot of tasks and assignments and all of the pressure that comes along with those things. And in these moments, they will often find themselves incredibly overwhelmed and stressed.

8. They are their own worst critics.

They set very high standards for themselves and they are always their own worst critics. They always make it a point to live up to the expectations that they have for themselves, and often, this can lead to a kind of overwhelming pressure and anxiety that’s really self-inflicted and self-induced.

9. They are often very unreceptive of contrasting opinions and ideas.

They are stubborn and they will always want to do things a certain way. This can often lead to them being very close-minded and that can be a big turn-off for a lot of people. They will be unreceptive of the ideas of others and it can be a very alienating trait to have.

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