9 Bad Habits You Do In Relationships That Keep Your Partner From Opening Up To You

Avoid these bad habits.

Every experienced couple practically knows at this point that one of the most important aspects of sustaining a romance is for two people to practice complete honesty and openness with one another. Communication is an essential building block for any modern relationship and it’s important for couples to remember that communication is a two-way street.

While it’s integral for you to be open and communicative with your partner, your partner has to be able to reciprocate those efforts in order for the relationship to work as a whole. So even though you feel like you are able to really open up with your partner about anything, it’s important for you to check if your partner feels the same.

You never know that you are unintentionally discouraging your partner from being open and honest with you with the way that you conduct yourself in the relationship. You need to maintain a sense of self-awareness in your relationship so that you are always making sure that you are conducting yourself appropriately with your partner. Your words and actions have direct effects on your partner and you always have to be mindful of the effects of these things.

There are a number of factors that could contribute to the fact that your partner just isn’t very open or honest with you. For one, they might just not be very communicative people, to begin with. In this instance, you just have to try your best to be patient with them and give them the space they need to really be comfortable with expressing themselves with you. However, there will also be some instances wherein you are the culprit. Perhaps there are some things that you say or do in the relationship that directly discourage your partner from being open.

You have to understand that most people are just going to put their emotional walls up when they feel like they aren’t being a comfortable space to open themselves up. They are afraid of being judged and they don’t want whatever they have to say to be used against them in the future. So it’s your job as a good partner to always make sure that your significant other feel safe and secure in expressing themselves to you.

You aren’t going to be able to coerce or compel your partner to open up to you even when they don’t want to. You have to propagate an environment of openness in your relationship and you have to be patient with them. You have to wait for them to be comfortable with it. And lastly, you have to make sure that you rid yourself of any bad habits that you may be guilty of doing which are directly preventing your partner from being comfortable to open up to you. Here are some examples of bad habits that keep your partner from opening up to you in the relationship.

1. You push them too hard to open up to you.

Sometimes, pushing someone to open up to you can backfire. A lot of what makes up openness and trust is patience. You have to be patient with your partner, and wait for them to open up to you in their own time.

2. You are too liberal with what you share.

Sometimes, if you talk too much about yourself, you will give off the impression that you are conceited and self-centered. Your partner will not want to open up to someone who only ever wants to talk about themselves.

3. You keep your partner from addressing their problems and issues.

You shouldn’t be dismissive of your partner’s issues and problems. Your intentions may be good but the methodology is all wrong. You want to distract them from their problems but you end up making them feel like their problems are insignificant.

4. You ask too many questions.

There is a fine line between being inquisitive and being interrogative. Ask questions about what your partner is saying to you out of genuine curiosity and engagement. But don’t turn it into a full-on interrogation.

5. You act very seriously in the relationship.

Learn to lighten yourself up in your relationship. If you act too serious all the time, you end up scaring your partner into silence and isolation.

6. You let yourself get distracted too often.

If you’re spending time with your partner, really spend time with your partner. Don’t be browsing through your phone. Don’t be watching TV. Give your partner the attention they deserve and make sure that they feel that you value what they have to say.

7. You don’t really ask them how they are doing.

If you fail to show an interest in their life, then you might as well be wearing a Don’t talk to me sign around your neck whenever you’re together.

8. You are fond of gossiping.

If you are the type of person who is fond of gossip, this can lead to people being reluctant to trust you. They would be too scared of you talking about them behind their backs.

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