9 Biggest Turn-Offs for Men That Women Should Be Aware Of

You might meet someone you like who seems perfect. But sometimes, you might notice things that make you lose interest. This article talks about habits that men see as warning signs.

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1. Talking About Her Ex

It’s a huge turn-off for men when women start discussing their exes. It’s okay to talk about him once in a while if it’s hurting you too much, but if you start discussing him after every few days your boyfriend is going to have a problem with it and it’s going to be a huge turn-off for him that you’re still not completely out of your past relationship.

2. A Lack of Confidence

Being shy or not having a strong opinion can be charming at times. But if you always say you don’t care, even if you do care or even if you truly don’t, it might make a guy unsure if he’s doing things right. It’s important to speak up and share your thoughts and feelings.

3. Being Too Mean

Another thing that turns men off is when a woman is too mean, maybe not to him but to others. Kindness is a virtue that not everyone practices, but it’s a golden virtue. Be kind to others, be kind to those who aren’t living the good life, and be kind to those who need help, being mean to people is a huge sign that your ego took the better of you and ego is a huge turn off for men.

4. Being Overly Critical about Everything

Of course, nobody’s perfect, including the guy you’re dating. Still, it’s good to look at the bright side. If you’re always complaining about what he does or where you go for dinner, he might start feeling negative about being with you.

5. Flirting/Being Too Friendly With Other Men

Men hate it when they see their woman being too friendly with someone. Even though your guy friend might go way back and the bond you two share is strong, it will still affect your boyfriend in a bad way. When you get in a relationship, you have to change a lot of things about yourself, this is one of them. This can also lead to other destructive things, such as jealousy and insecurity.

6. Asking Too Many Questions 

Don’t just bombard your guy with questions about his day and thoughts to show you care. Join the conversation and mix in some questions. It’s not only about him, and it’s not only about you.

7. Behaving Like a Parent

Some guys might not like it if their partner treats them like a parent. They want a friend and a partner, not someone bossing them around like a parent. So, if a partner acts this way, it can make guys uncomfortable, and they might end the relationship.

8. Negative Mindset

If someone is mostly negative instead of positive, it can annoy many guys. But, guys really like it when their partner stays positive even in tough times. It makes them think that if you’re together, you can handle challenges better. But having a negative attitude can be a major turn-off for most guys.

9. Poor Personal Hygiene

Another thing that might bother men is when their partner doesn’t have good hygiene. Men appreciate it when their partner takes care to look and smell nice. This includes having a pleasant body odor and keeping clean nails, hair, and more. When a guy notices that your hygiene isn’t good, he might decide to end the relationship.

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