9 Cheap Gifts That Real Men Have Admitted To Wanting For Christmas

I’m happy with Netflix and a bag of chips for Christmas.

The world isn’t necessarily always going to be divided into givers and receivers. There are plenty of people who find as much joy in giving as they do in receiving. But it’s understandable for some people to find it completely inconvenient to give gifts during the holidays not because they are selfish or stingy; but rather because they find it so hard to find the perfect gift to give the people that they love the most. The problem can prove to be immensely so much more difficult for the procrastinators who always wait until the very last minute to go Christmas shopping.

So if you’re a girlfriend who wants to find the perfect Christmas gift for your man, you should make it a point to read the entirety of this article. Thanks to the internet, you will now be given some very good ideas for gifts that you could get for your man this Christmas. A recent thread on Reddit had its male users give real examples of gifts that they want for the holidays and you are likely to find some of their answers to be unexpected and out of the ordinary. You don’t have to spend hours at the mall window shopping. You no longer have to browse through endless pages on Amazon finding that one perfect gift. Just read on until the end of this piece to get a better understanding of what your man might really want for Christmas.

1. A heartfelt handwritten love letter.

As clich and as cheesy as it may seem at first, there is something very charming and endearing about receiving a love letter as a gift. The reason why handwritten love letters can make for very effective gifts is because they are very intimate and meaningful. No man will ever tire of hearing how much you love them.

2. A day of rest and relaxation.

The holiday season can get particularly stressful for a lot of men. They try to get things done at work for the holiday rush. They try to scrape whatever extra funds they can for some holiday expenses. So it would make sense to just give them a full day of rest and leisure where they can just loosen their tie and kick their feet up.

3. A sexy outfit that you can put on for him.

Sex is a gift. It’s always a gift. And it’s not a gift that you should ever take for granted or underestimate. You would be surprised at how contented your man might be if you actually take the time and effort to mix things up in the bedroom for him. Give him an experience he is never going to forget.

4. A cheap but practical item he could use every day.

Not all gifts have to be expensive or luxurious for them to be good. In fact, the best gifts are the ones that a person could always use. Possibly, they could be items that they never even really knew that they needed. Even something as simple as a new working desk or a brand new set of socks can do the trick.

5. A nostalgic or sentimental item.

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling and it always has its place in gift-giving. Try thinking out of the box here and buy something that your man would really respond well too on an emotional level. Get him a gift that will make him think of fonder and more intimate moments with you.

6. An addition to his toolbox.

Think of this as a gift for yourself as well especially if you’re already living together. A man will always need a well-stocked toolbox to take care of things around the household. So give him the tools that he needs to actually get the job done in the house.

7. Food.

It’s no lie when they say that the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Don’t underestimate just how much he would appreciate you going out of your way to feed him and nourish him. No one hates food. It would even be more special if it’s something that you whipped up with your own bare hands.

8. Your undivided attention.

We live in a very fast-paced world nowadays and it can be easy for things to get lost in translation. This is especially true in the holiday season where everybody is rushing and trying to meet deadlines. So a lot of men would really appreciate it if women would just take some time to devote all of their attention to just the two of them.

9. An engaging activity you could both get into.

Maybe you could take him to a painting class. Or take him out to go running or biking. Maybe you could even cook something in the kitchen together. The point is to spend time with one another while doing something that is stimulating and enriching at the same time.

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