9 Clear Signs That Your Ex Hasn’t Moved On From You

Your ex still thinks about you.

If you have ever gone through a bad breakup before, then you would know just how difficult it is to get over someone. This is most especially true if you loved a person deeply. Moving on and getting over a person with whom you shared a deep and passionate love affair with is not some easy ordeal. You invest so much into a relationship only to have all of it blow up in your face. You dream up a future for both yourself and your partner only to come to the realization that you don’t really have a future with one another at all. You come to believe so many things about your love and then when you break up, all of your beliefs come crashing down on you.

And there are times in a relationship wherein one party is going to take things a lot harder than the other party. Not all breakups are going to affect both people in the relationship in an equal manner all the time. Sometimes, one person is going to have a more difficult time with dealing with the break up and that’s normal. So just because moving on from a breakup was easy for you doesn’t mean that it was easy for your ex. In fact, even though you’ve already moved on and you feel perfectly fine doesn’t mean that your ex is also at a place of comfort and safety as well. You have to consider the possibility that while you’re ready to face the world as a single person again, your ex might still be hung up on you.

If that’s the case, you really have to make sure that you help your ex move on especially if you’re not interested in getting back together. It would be cruel for you to lead your ex on into actually believing that there is still a chance for you to rekindle the flame. It would be best for the both of you to extinguish that fire before it even ignites. So the trick is really preventing your ex from believing that the two of you can get back together again. You have to be able to spot the signs early on and then quickly act on them. Tell your ex that there’s no way for you to get back together and that you both really need to move on. Here are some signs that your ex may still not have moved on from you yet:

1. They have a habit of texting you when they’re drunk.

A drunken mind speaks a sober heart, as they say. So when your ex is constantly targeting you when they’re intoxicated, it means that they still have a place for you inside of their hearts.

2. They haven’t started dating anyone else.

Another clear indicator that your ex isn’t over you is when they have refused to jump back into the dating pool. They don’t want to date anyone else because they want to keep themselves open to the idea of still dating you.

3. They give you gifts on special occasions.

They send you flowers on your birthday. They send you chocolates on your supposed anniversaries. That’s the weird thing because you’re supposed to be broken up already.

4. They make a conscious effort to still keep in touch with you on a regular basis.

If your ex can’t get enough of getting in touch with you, then it’s definitely because they still want to be with you. They hate that they can’t just spend all their time with you like they used to do.

5. They block you on social media.

They don’t want to see just how happy you are with your social media posts and so they will try to block you. They really aren’t over you and they don’t want to know that you’re happy without them.

6. They overdo it with your social media interactions.

On the other side of the spectrum, if they don’t block you on social media, they are overactive with their social media interactions. They will like all of your photos and comment on all of your posts just to make sure that you still remember them.

7. They will talk mean about the new person you’re seeing.

Jealousy is to be expected whenever your ex isn’t over you. They will talk down any prospective new partners you might be dating because they still want to be that person for you.

8. They casually message you about inside jokes.

They will still want to maintain a semblance of intimacy with you and so they will casually message you some inside jokes in an effort to try to remind you about the intimate moments of your relationship.

9. They blatantly ask for you to come back.

And lastly, you would really know if your ex isn’t over you if they ask for you to come back. They are frank about it. They want you back and you have to be strong and say that things are definitely over.

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