9 Cliche Relationship Tips From Your Parents That You Should Actually Follow

Words of wisdom!

Whenever we seek wisdom or enlightenment in the matters of love and romance, it’s likely that we automatically turn to our friends for advice. We confide in them and we trust whatever they have to say to us. It’s so easy for people to just ignore and cast aside any relationship advice that might come from the older generation. We brush them off as being outdated and irrelevant. We think to ourselves that they don’t necessarily understand what it’s like to date and fall in love in these modern times. But what we fail to recognize is that there are some clich tips about relationships from our parents that are actually based on wisdom and factual experience. Just because your parents are old doesn’t mean that they don’t know what you’re going through. They were young once upon a time. They probably went through what you’re going through now and they know the ropes. So don’t automatically ignore whatever they have to say about your love life just because they’re your parents. At the very least, you should hear them out and try to think about what they have to say.

We have to remember that just because something is old-fashioned doesn’t make it any less valid. There are many pieces of advice that are timeless in this world. Yes, technology and development is making this world such a fast-paced and dynamic one. But that doesn’t mean that some things still don’t stay the same. Yes, the delivery might seem a little outdated, but the principles involved in the knowledge that your parents are trying to impart on you are always going to be relevant. You just have to make sure that you stay smart about it.

Here are 9 clich relationship tips from your parents that you should actually follow:

1. Be kind with your words and people will be kinder to you too.

Communication is important in a relationship. But kindness is essential. Even if you communicate with one another and you fail to be kind, then everything is moot.

2. Always say your please and thank you’s.

Basic manners can really go a long way in maintaining healthy relations between two people. There are very little conflicts and arguments that can’t be solved with two level-headed people who communicate with one another in a healthy and effective manner.

3. Never air out your dirty laundry for all to see.

Whatever happens in your relationship should always stay in your relationship. It would be foolish for you to try and air your dirty laundry out in public because that is a blatant betrayal of trust. Your partner really relies on you to stay discreet about the intimate details of your romance. And when you violate that trust, it can be very difficult to repair.

4. Keep your sacred traditions sacred.

Yes, it’s always good to keep things exciting in a relationship. It’s always ideal to keep things varied and fresh. But it’s also just important to have your routines and traditions that you can fall back on as a couple. You would be surprised at just how convenient it would be for you as a couple to have a stable foundation that you can always rely on. And these traditions are manifestations of your stability; you have to keep them sacred.

5. Don’t count your chickens before they actually hatch.

It’s good to have expectations in a relationship. It means that you know what you want out of love and you’re not in a relationship that is without a direction. However, it’s also important to make sure that your expectations are realistic and grounded in reason.

6. A person’s family is a collective reflection of what that person is like.

Get to know your partner’s family whether passively or actively. The better you understand what your partner’s home life was like growing up, the better you will understand who they are as people.

7. Keep things real at all times.

Always make sure that you don’t misrepresent the facts. Don’t overhype over romanticize everything in your relationship. Call things like you see them. Be frank about it. Be direct. Always stay true to yourself and to your partner.

8. Don’t go to sleep without fixing a fight.

It seems like a simple habit but a lot of couples are actually guilty of breaking it. It’s very important for couples to always come to some sort of compromise or resolution to whenever they fight in a swift manner. It’s unhealthy to put these arguments off until later.

9. When something is broken, fix it; don’t throw it away.

Your relationship isn’t always going to be caught in a state of bliss. You are going to go through some very tough times. There will be moments where you will want to rip each other’s heads off. There will be times where you just want to give up and walk away because of how difficult everything has become. Don’t. Stay and try to work things out.

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