9 Conversations You Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Having In A Relationship

Don’t be afraid to talk it out.

It’s an old clich but it’s clich for a reason. Communication is very important in any relationship. No relationship could possibly survive without open and honest communication between two people who love one another. For the most part, communication is great. You and your partner get to talk about the things that you love most in this world. You get to talk about your deepest passions and interests. You get to discuss your favorite topics and the things that bring happiness and joy to your life. You also get to talk about your feelings and emotions whenever you get overwhelmed. And all the while that you’re doing this, you are building a strong emotional connection with the most precious person in your life.

But as you get deeper into the relationship, your conversations are going to have to evolve. They are going to have to get deeper and deeper and sometimes that can mean utter discomfort and awkwardness. There are just certain topics or points of conversation that are uncomfortable to bring up in a relationship regardless of what stage you’re in in your romance. But if you’re really looking to build a strong and healthy romantic relationship together, you have to be ready to have these uncomfortable and awkward conversations no matter how difficult they might be.

So what discussion topics are we talking about here? Well, these are the hard-hitters. These are the ones that carry deep emotional, mental, and practical weight in a relationship. If you find that you are unable to have constructive dialogue surrounding these topics, then perhaps your relationship isn’t as strong as you thought it was.

1. Your sexual needs and preferences.

Sex is going to play a big part in building and sustaining your physical intimacy with one another. You need to always be able to manifest your love for one another in different shapes and forms; and this includes sex. So to really maximize each sexual experience, you need to be honest with one another with regards to what your needs and preferences are.

2. The state and management of your finances.

Money matters. No one likes to talk about them, but you have to. Money is very important especially if you are planning to build a life and a family together. If you are looking to share your life with one another, then you can’t just be recklessly spending your money however you want to.

3. Your concerns and needs with communication.

You need to talk about talking. Remember that you are two very different individuals and it’s very important for you to be able to understand one another. And so this means you really have to make it a point to talk about how and when you communicate with one another as a couple.

4. The future plans that you have for yourselves and the relationship.

The forward-thinking couples are usually the ones who really last. They know what their future looks like because they’ve planned and prepared for it. So you and your partner really have to hash things out about how you envision your futures to be so that you have something to work towards.

5. The distribution of chores and duties that you have in the relationship.

You’re mature adults now and you can’t have anyone else looking after you. You have to be taking care of yourselves and in order to prevent co-dependency in the relationship, you have to be able to assign one another individual chores and responsibilities in the relationship.

6. The boundaries and rules that you have for one another.

Despite the fact that you’re now in a real relationship with one another and that you have to share your lives with another person, that doesn’t mean you have to give up your sense of identity entirely. You still have to set your rules and your boundaries in the relationship to protect your sense of self.

7. Your own personal histories.

Get to really know one another. You can’t know what a person is like until you know where they came from. That’s why it’s important for the both of you to really dig in deep with each other’s personal histories. Talk about your past and paint a better picture of why you are the person you are today.

8. The prospect of getting married in the future.

Marriage is a tricky issue nowadays because not a lot of people really want to get married anymore. That’s why it’s important to talk about. You have to be able to be on the same page with regards to marriage in a relationship. If you let this be a lingering issue that is left undiscussed, then it might backfire on you.

9. The backgrounds of your respective families.

Meeting the other’s family is always a struggle. You so desperately want to be liked and accepted, but at the same time, you also want to like them. That’s why you should be preparing one another for that moment. You have to be briefing each other on what your respective families are really like.

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