9 Discreet Signs She’s About To Break Up With You

Don’t be blindsided by a breakup. You might think that you’re a really tough guy – but no man in this world is ever going to be immune to the pains of a breakup. It doesn’t matter who you are or how strong you think you might be. If you’re forced to undergo a breakup, you aren’t going to take it well. That’s why if you have the slightest indication that your girlfriend is going to break up with you, you need to act fast. You can’t just keep on staying idle. There are plenty of things that you can do in this situation.

First, you could try to make yourself better. Tackle the problems in your relationship and try to change her mind about you and your romance. Or two, brace yourself for the breakup and start preparing yourself on an emotional level for a life without your girl. Whatever the case, it always pays to see a breakup coming. When you get blindsided by a breakup, you’re not going to be able to cope with it as well as you should. Just make sure to keep an eye out for the following signs:

1. She doesn’t go to you when she has good news.

In the past, you used to always be her go-to guy whenever she had good news to share. But nowadays, you’re not even on her radar anymore. You’re no longer the one she automatically goes to when something significant happens to her. She isn’t looking to share her life with you much anymore.

2. She is in a bad mood whenever you’re around.

Your existence just virtually frustrates and irritates the heck out of her. It makes her really irritable whenever you’re around. When you’re around her, she’s reminded of how terrible her relationship is; and having that knowledge is always enough to just put her into an immediate bad mood.

3. She keeps trying to pick fights with you.

She wants you to be pissed at her too. You piss her off so much, and she’s only trying to stir up the same kind of feelings in you. She really wants to turn you off to the idea of being with her, and she’s going to try to unleash all of her frustrations unto you.

4. There is a drop in the intimacy of your sex life.

If there is a substantial dip in your sex life, then you know that your relationship is indefinite bad shape. It just goes to show that your woman doesn’t care so much about being physically affectionate towards you. It shows that she’s no longer invested in building intimacy in your relationship. She doesn’t care so much about sustaining the passion you might have for one another.

5. She goes out a lot more without you.

She isn’t really interested in spending time with you anymore. She doesn’t like to hang out with you. She hates bonding with you because you no longer make her happy. And that’s why she is just going out all of the time without you. She’s not really looking to spend that much time with you anymore because she doesn’t consider you to be an important aspect of her life at this point. She just wants to get away from you as much as possible.

6. She spends more time on other things and people.

In relation to the previous item listed here, you find that it’s not just the fact that she goes out a lot without you; but she’s choosing to spend most of her time on other people and other things. It goes to show that you are no longer a priority in her life. She doesn’t think it important to be spending much time with you anymore because of how little she feels for you.

7. She walks away from arguments with you.

She’s no longer interested in arguing with you. You might think that fewer arguments in the relationship are a good thing. But not necessarily. If she doesn’t want to engage with you, it means that she’s no longer invested in fixing the issues in your relationship. It shows that she’s no longer interested in trying to see things from your perspective. She no longer wants to meet you halfway.

8. She criticizes you for the sake of criticizing you.

There is always room for criticism in any kind of relationship. But it should always be done out of love and concern for another person. It should always be done with sensitivity. But you notice that she’s just saying hurtful things towards you purely for the sake of hurting you.

9. She has stopped putting in the effort for your relationship.

She may physically still be in the relationship; but on an emotional level, she has already checked out. She’s no longer interested in making the relationship work. And it really shows in the significant drop in the effort that she has been putting into the entire relationship.

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