9 Discreet Ways To Express Love In A Relationship Without Saying It

Actions always speak louder than words.

It’s an amazing feeling whenever you hear the love of your life tell you that they love you back. There’s a feeling of comfort and validation there; a sensation that you just can’t simulate with anything else. It makes you inspired. It makes you happy about the state of your relationship. However, if you grow to rely on hearing your partner tell you that they love you, it can often be disheartening whenever you find yourself in a relationship where the L word isn’t as said as much. It may start to feel like you’re not getting the validation that you need from them. And as a result, the insecurities and fears about your relationship may start creeping up, and you don’t want to have to deal with any second-thoughts or doubts. You don’t want to be second-guessing yourself in your own relationship.

And that is precisely why you don’t want to go down that road. You have to just keep in mind that not everyone is going to say I love you in a relationship all too often. It’s all really a matter of differences in personalities. It can often stem from what a person’s environment was like growing up. When you feel like there is a lack of romantic expression in your relationship, one course of action you could take is to actually talk to your partner about it. You could bring up your insecurities and apprehensions about the entire situation and make them understand how you’re feeling.

However, if you’re too shy to do so, then that’s fine as well. It’s understandable that you don’t want to be forcing your partner to tell you that they love you all the time. It might make you come off as needy and overly dependent. So what do you do in this scenario?

Don’t worry so much. Just because your partner doesn’t say the L word too consistently doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. Remember that saying I love you is only one way that a person can express love and affection for another person. Try to take a deep look into your relationship and point out the little things that make up your relationship as a whole. You might find what you’re looking for. If a lot of these things actually apply to your relationship, then your partner definitely loves you even if they don’t say it too much.

1. They aren’t afraid to talk about the future with you.

If your partner is willing to talk about having a future with you, then that means they actually want to be with you for the foreseeable future. They wouldn’t want to be planning a future with you if they weren’t in love with you.

2. They let themselves become vulnerable with you.

Vulnerability is a luxury that not many people afford other people. A lot of us will want to stay guarded because we don’t want to get hurt. However, when we grow to love someone, we can’t help but feel vulnerable towards them.

3. They act genuinely happy to be around you.

You find happiness in the people you love. And if your partner is always so enthusiastic and happy about having you around, then that’s a good sign that they probably love you.

4. They take a sincere interest in your life to the greatest detail.

If your partner is constantly wanting to get to know you, then you can bet that they love you. Even something as simple as asking real questions about what your day was like is a clear indicator of sincere love.

5. They devote a bulk of their time to you.

Time is only ever really afforded to the things and people that are most important to us. So if your partner is spending a lot of time with you, then it’s probably because they are madly in love with you.

6. They give you thoughtful and meaningful gifts.

Sometimes, what isn’t said in words can be said through gifts. And these gifts don’t always have to be luxurious or expensive to demonstrate love. As long as the thought and meaning that goes into a gift is there, then that should be enough.

7. They do whatever they can to help make your life easier.

It’s all in the effort. They might not be telling you that they love you with their words, but they are telling you that they love you with their actions and that should count just as much.

8. They still treat you with respect even when you argue and fight.

Disagreements are always easily taken care of because your partner never goes below the belt with you. They love you and would never say words that could potentially hurt and scar you. They wills till treat you with love and respect even when you disagree.

9. They always make you feel appreciated.

Even though your partner might not be saying the L word so much, they will always be doing whatever they can to make you feel valued and appreciated in a relationship. If they love you, they will want you to know just how significant an impact you have on their life.

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