9 Essentials That All Long-Term Relationships Need

#1: Wholehearted Acceptance

Relationships are never easy ordeals. There are plenty of things that just factor into whether or not a relationship is going to work out; and it can be extremely stressful having to deal with these things. A lot of couples can get overwhelmed by the pressure and they find themselves prematurely terminating their relationship. These are heartbreaking experiences and it’s best for all couples to always try their hardest to make things work the best that they can. So what exactly is the secret to preserving a long-lasting relationship between romantic couples? Is there even a secret at all? How do they do it?

Well, for one, a lot of couples think that a bulk of their relationship problems are external forces. This is rarely ever the case. Sometimes, couples who break up will use external forces as a reason for their separation. But the truth is that all essentials of a relationship are found within; and it’s the inability to address these internal factors that ultimately leads couples to break up. 

Remember that the strongest and healthiest relationships are built on more than just mutual interests, shared dreams, and physical attractions. These couples are making conscious choices every day to build an emotional bond and connection with each other over time. They also never forget the fundamentals of building a relationship. They always go back to the roots of their love for one another. And when couples have strong foundations and fundamentals in their relationship, no external forces in the world will be strong enough to bring them down. Don’t know what those fundamentals and essentials in a relationship are? Then read on until the end of this list to find out.

1. Wholehearted Acceptance

The best kinds of couples have people who accept each other for who they really are. They aren’t in the business of trying to change one another to fit into each other’s lives. They aren’t trying to turn their partners into something that they’re not. They accept each other for both the best and the worst parts of who they really are. 

2. Vulnerability

Vulnerability is very important in any relationship. Remember that a person always needs to espouse a certain sense of vulnerability to another person if one is to really fall in love. You can never play it safe all the time and expect everything to turn out right for you. Love is an emotional risk and the best couples understand that. 

3. Mutual Respect

No conceivable relationship in the history of humankind has ever survived when there has been no mutual respect. Having respect for another person means that you value that human being’s individuality, character, and freedom. If you can’t have respect for your partner as a person, your relationship is never going to last. 

4. Mutual Trust

Like a couple of soldiers going into war, you are both going to have to learn how to trust each other. Over time, as you get deeper and deeper into a relationship, that trust is going to be important. You will face a lot of trials along the way, and you’re going to need to learn how to rely on each other to help pull you through. 

5. Complete Honesty

Honesty is in relation with respect and trust. If you aren’t honest with a person, then that means you don’t respect a person enough to give that individual the truth. It also means that you don’t trust that person to make the right decision after telling the truth 

6. Gratitude

The best kinds of couples never miss an opportunity to express gratitude in the relationship. As everyone knows, relationships are always about give and take. Both couples have to be giving as much as they’re getting in the relationship. That’s where gratitude falls in. It’s always nice to have your actions validated by the person you love the most. 

7. Openness

There can be no closed doors in relationships if they’re going to work out. Couples can’t afford to be secretive and closed off. They always have to practice full openness. They have to be able to open up to one another about their deepest feelings and emotions. They have to be able to feel safe in expressing themselves to one another. 

8. Genuine Kindness

What it means for kindness to be genuine is when it is done just for the sake of being kind. In relationships, you can’t just be kind to your partner just so you can get something out of it. You need to be kind for the sake of being kind. 

9. Patience

You will need a lot of patience in any relationship that you’re in especially a romantic one. You are both going to have your rough patches. You are both flawed human beings and you’re going to stumble often. This is where patience comes in. You have to be understanding of each other’s imperfections and humanity. You have to realize that not everything is going to be perfect all the time, but it’s always an ongoing process. 

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