If you do these 9 good things, you’re in a healthy relationship.

There are far too many people who make the mistake of not correcting whatever bad habits they may have in a relationship. There are those of us who unwittingly destroy the relationships that we’re in by just being overly clingy, needy, and controlling at times. And it’s understandable. We’re only human after all. We all make mistakes.

But there are times wherein the relationship just brings out the worst in us. These are the unhealthy relationships the ones that don’t have a shot at surviving. These are the relationships where we just have to be humble and brave enough to end. These are the relationships that just help no one. 

Remember that healthy relationships are always supposed to have healthy connections between the two people involved. It’s about establishing a sense of compatibility between to distinct and unique individuals who are looking to live their lives together.

And sometimes, compatibility just can’t be forced in a relationship. There are just some unfortunate instances wherein no amount of effort could ever be enough to salvage an unhealthy romance. And it’s during those times where it’s better to just cut your losses and call it quits. There is no establishing balance and harmony in a relationship between two incompatible people.

There are many layers that come with compatibility in a relationship. A couple must always be compatible physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (whenever applicable). In order for a relationship to really thrive, a couple must always establish compatibility in all of these aspects. The healthiest and strongest couples understand that this is indeed what it takes to make a relationship work.

Simply put, no two random people can just choose to get together and try to make things work. It’s never random. It’s absolutely necessary for people looking to get into relationships to really know the human beings they’re getting into relationships with. They have to be selective. They can’t just jump into the arms of someone they barely know and hope for the best.

Love doesn’t work that way. Relationships never work that way. But how do you know if the one you’re with is really someone you have real potential with? How can you tell if the relationship that you’re in is a healthy one? Well, there are a few signs that you should be watching for. If a lot of the signals that are listed on here are present in your relationship, then do yourself a favor and fight like hell to keep your relationship together.

1. You propagate a generally peaceful romantic environment for yourselves.

If you have a generally peaceful environment in your relationship, then that’s always a good sign. Unnecessary stress, drama, and turmoil can only bring toxicity and instability to an otherwise healthy relationship.

2. You both have healthy independent lives as individuals.

Despite the fact that you’re in a relationship with one another, you don’t really disregard your individual selves. You always make it a point to pursue your individual goals and dreams outside of the relationship. You still think it important to work on yourselves as individual human beings.

3 There is an indestructible mutual respect between the two of you.

Respect is integral in any form of relationship and the respect that you have for one another is rock solid. Healthy couples will always respect each other. They would never try to bring each other down or demean one another in any way.

4. Your physical intimacy goes beyond your bedroom antics.

Sure, you have healthy and active sex lives. This does wonders for the level of intimacy in your relationship. But you also know how to be intimate with one another in other ways as well. Your intimacy stretches beyond the mere physical.

5 You don’t feel anxious or worried about what the other is doing.

You trust one another enough to never really actually worry about what the other is up to. Trust is always going to be essential in all healthy relationships.

6. You keep the issues of your relationship within the relationship.

Healthy couples know that airing out of any dirty laundry does nothing to actually solve the issues in a relationship. Whatever problems couples might have should be kept within the confines of a romance.

7. You have no difficulty picturing yourselves together in the far future.

It’s all about the long-term. Your relationship isn’t a temporary fling. It’s not a short-term romance. It’s the real deal and the both of you know it. You are essentially enjoying your present situation while always keeping the future in mind.

8. You don’t try to change one another.

You are both perfectly content with the person you’re in love with. You respect each other enough to never try to change or manipulate one another. You love each other wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

9. Neither of you hold on to grudges.

And lastly, you know how to let things go. You know that you will have your troubles and disagreements. You know that you will have your disappointments. But you don’t hold on to any of those negative emotions. You don’t let these things strain your relationship.

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