9 Habits Of Couples Happy In Bed

Just because you’ve been together forever doesn’t mean that your intimacy has to die down.

There is this false notion going around that all long-term couples are bound to have dwindling levels of passion and intensity when it comes to their physical intimacy the longer that they stay in a relationship together. They say that the early parts of a relationship are always the most passionate and intense – the honeymoon phase, as they call it.

And you shouldn’t buy into that. If you’re truly in love with your partner, then you should believe that you are going to be able to sustain that love and passion for your relationship for as long as you stay together.

There are plenty of happy and healthy relationships around the world and throughout the course of history who have successfully maintained exciting and thrilling sex lives despite their longevity. If you feel like the passion and intimacy in your long-term relationship is diminishing every day, then it’s probably because you aren’t doing your part in keeping that passion alive.

This is why it’s important that you never grow to become complacent in your relationship. You always have to make sure that you are giving your all to your romance to keep the fire burning as long as possible.

And if you want to know exactly what you need to do to keep that passion alive, then maybe you can turn to those happy and healthy couples for reference. Try to practice some of their habits on a consistent basis and see if it’ll work out for you.

1. Always make it a point to consistently flirt with one another.

Flirting is great. And it’s not an activity that should merely be relegated to the early aspects of a relationship. You should always make it a point to flirt with one another throughout the duration of your relationship. You can’t become complacent. You always have to try to win each other over for as long as you stay together.

2. Be a tease to each other.

Teasing is great. There is always going to be a certain appeal that comes with the thrill of the chase. And so even though you’re already together, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of some occasional light teasing. Make each other work.

3. Never be withholding of physical intimacy and affection.

Hug, kiss, and touch each other often. While these may seem like simple gestures, they really add up over time – and they can have profound effects on the intimacy of a relationship.

4. Make it a point to spend time with one another no matter how busy you get.

Time is the single most valuable thing we could ever give to another person. And yes, you have your individual lives to worry about – but the whole point of love is taking on the world together. And always make sure that you actively spend time with one another no matter how busy you get.

5. Explore new hobbies and interests together as a couple.

When you are able to immerse yourselves in new environments and experiences that challenge you as individuals, you are going to be given an opportunity to grow and learn as a couple. You will be forced to really work together to become better people overall as you acquire new skills and perspectives together.

6. Always maintain full presence and mindfulness in the moment that you’re in.

Sometimes, we can get so caught up with the excitement of spending the rest of our lives with the people we’re in love with, we do so at the expense of living in the moment. Make sure to always practice full mindfulness. Never take each other for granted. Always be present in the moment.

7. But don’t forget your most precious memories either.

It’s always nice to reminisce on precious memories together in an effort to reconnect with one another in a relationship. You should always be able to go back to your roots just to remind yourselves of how great a couple you are – and how much greater you can still become.

8. Always be honest with one another about your needs and expectations.

Constant communication is key in maintaining the intimacy between two people. You always need to be open and honest with one another about your needs and expectations. If you are feeling dissatisfied with something in the relationship, you should be able to freely articulate your sentiments to your partner. That’s the only way to address these issues and grow together as a couple.

9. Give each other absolute trust and respect.

The more trust and respect that you give to one another – the closer you become. And that’s the whole point of being in a relationship anyway. It’s two people who get together and who try to merge their separate souls into a single entity. And the more that you are able to bridge the gap between the two of you, the more natural it will be for you to be intimate with one another.

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  1. With social media so promanite these days, it’s important to put down the phone and focus on your partner.

  2. I totally agree with this. You both have to work on keeping your relationship alive. Communication is extremely difficult to keep anything from being misconstrued. You have to be open and honest with your spouse. One thing I would add you to make each other laugh. My first mother usually got me to laugh about every day. Sometimes it was just a look or doing something silly. We were only married for 5 years before God called him to his permanent home. I’m eternally grateful for being able to spend the 5 years we had together.

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