9 Habits You Could Develop In A Relationship To Earn Your Partner’s Respect

Respect always comes first.

Respect is important in a relationship. There’s just no denying that. It’s absolutely imperative that two people who are in a relationship with one another actually do respect each other. No relationship whether romantic or not could possibly ever survive without the establishment of respect between the two individuals involved. It takes for mutual respect between two people to really build an emotional bond and connection with one another. When the mutual respect is compromised, then the relationship as a whole is also compromised.

So what is respect exactly? And how can two people actually build on their respect for one another? In a nutshell, respect is about the recognition of one’s worth and value as an individual; the awareness that underneath a human’s exterior shell lies the soul of an individual who is supposed to be treated with high regard.

And it’s sad to note that a lot of people still fall victim to practicing bad habits in their relationship which are also blatant acts of disrespect. And these acts of disrespect can manifest themselves in so many different ways; it would be pointless to try and list them all here. Remember that each individual human being is special and the can have their own individual standards of respect. That’s why communication is always important in a relationship so you can really understand each other in an optimal manner and that you don’t cross any lines or boundaries with one another.

But if you’re feeling completely lost and clueless with how to really show your partner that you respect them, you don’t have to fret at all. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to showing respect for your partner and earning their respect in return, there are some best practices that you could take note of and adopt for your own relationship. You just always have to be mindful of your own doings and the emotional impact your words and actions can have on your partner. Remember that part of earning someone’s respect is being able to give it in return. And just to put you on the right track, make sure that you follow the tips that are listed on here to the best of your abilities. Here are 11 habits that you could develop in a relationship to earn your partner’s respect.

1. Don’t neglect your sense of self.

In order for you to gain the respect of another person, you must first be able to respect yourself. You can’t expect your partner to respect you on a daily basis if you don’t value your own individuality. Build your own life; build a life that you could actually be proud of.

2. Be aware of the things that frustrate your partner.

Know the things that make your partner tick. Be sensitive of your partner’s feelings. Know what bad habits you might have that are actually negatively affecting the way that they see you in the relationship. You have to always be on your best behavior.

3. Make sure that you are someone your partner can rely on.

Dependability goes a long way in a relationship. Remember that you are both partners in life. You have to have each other’s backs. You have to be able to depend on one another. Your partner couldn’t respect someone they couldn’t rely on.

4. Practice healthy habits when you argue with each other.

Arguments are going to happen in a relationship. You won’t always see eye to eye on everything. But the quickest way to lose someone’s respect would be to resort to immature and unhealthy forms of argumentation. Keep things mature and civil at all times.

5. Be supportive of your partner’s goals and dreams.

It can’t just always be about how you feel in a relationship. You have to be mindful of your partner’s goals and dreams as well. You have to make sure that you don’t make your partner feel neglected or undervalued.

6. Always be fully present whenever you’re together.

That means stowing your phone away on dates. That means keeping yourself from checking other people out when you’re together. When you’re spending time with each other, really be present.

7. Practice complete honesty at all times with your partner.

Honesty is expensive don’t expect it from cheap people. If you show your partner respect, then you know that respect always comes hand in hand with honesty. Be truthful and honest with your partner about everything. Always be open to them.

8. Set your boundaries for one another.

Again, respect can mean many things to many different people. That’s why you have to set your boundaries for each other early on so that you know that you aren’t crossing any lines in the relationship.

9. Apologize whenever you screw up.

And lastly, learn to humble yourself. One of the greatest signs of respect is being able to just swallow your pride and apologize whenever you screw up or do something wrong in the relationship.

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